Logbook entry

John Grant / 15 Jan 3305
Veritable discovery

Author's Note: I intend on having fun with this 'logbook' so enjoy the fruits of a bored yet active imagination.

"That was a close one." Commander Grant said nonchalantly after the last of the two Thargoid interceptors were destroyed.
"Nice job commander," Bertuccio said earnestly, "It's an honor and a privilege to serve as your first mate! I wish I had your piloting skills sir!"
"Yes, yes."
"Commander!" Fortuna exclaimed, "You saved the company! Thank you!"
"All in a days work."
"Commander," Chief Engineer Hepburn saluted, "She's a fine ship, piloted by a fine commander sir!"
"As you were."
"Commander..." Said the seductive English voice of Jacqueline Meyers. "Even though Yessenia abandonded ship during the fight and was abducted by Thargoids, I never doubted for an instant that you would pull us through."
"Yes, a tragic loss. So how's about you and I celebrate my victory in my cabin. I have a fine bottle of 3285 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Nova Bordeaux region of Cubeo."

The bridge melted away and on a sunny beach they found themselves alone and indulging in each other's company.
"Commander, please." She trembled, face flushed.
"Say it again," he teased mercilessly, "you know what I want to hear."
She leaned in until her mouth was touching his ear then whispered, "Frame shift drive, charging."

"Yeah it is," he murmered in his sleep.
Vito, who had been piloting for the last hundred jumps, shook his head. "Hey Commander! This is my last jump, wake up!"
He stirred awake just as they entered witchspace, "Aargh! Fuck me what time is it?!"
"That's a hundred jumps commander, now it's your turn."
He stretched out a yawn, "Exploration needs a snooze button."

Commander's Log (3305-1-14) - I'm so bored! 215 systems only one worth noting: Flyiedge VZ-T C5-21. An uninteresting system with two legrange point Sandspurs and a bunch of geological features. Otherwise a whole lot of nothing. We made our stop at Rohini and miss Meyers made her scans of the planets. Now we're about-

"Ewww!" Grant exclaimed while looking through the FSS Periscope.
Bertuccio had strapped in to the co-pilot seat and was about to doze off, "What," he grunted, "what happened."
"Over by that enormous nebula is a smaller blue nebula. I'm about to alter course after I get done scanning."
Bertuccio pulled up the galaxy map and looked around. "Found it, Blaa Hypa LD-S e4-130. It's a singularity, good find Commander!"
"I assure you Bert, someone else found it before us. Still though, it's a perfect picture opportunity! My office is a little too spartan for my liking."

"Enjoy!" - from the crew of the Blue Lady.

"I had a few more pics but they were lost in the migration to Inara,"  -John
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