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John Grant / 05 Mar 3305
Bursting Bubbles, and other diversions

Author's Note: I intend on having fun with this 'logbook' so enjoy the fruits of a bored yet active imagination.

"So this happened. If only Orpheo's Hope had guns, I'd have likely died.
"Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind. I mean really, pulling a guy minding his own business out of Witch Space? Fucking Rude!"

Commander's log (3305-3-1) - Bureaucracy and tedium have kept me grounded for.... what day is it? Two weeks? For the love of L. Ron! Someone save me from this woman! She keeps forcing me to do stuff, like... work. What's more she has insisted that we work more on engineering and putting our new Corvette together. I don't wanna kill Crab people, or people people, or run missions for the Empire, or do anything really. I just wanna binge watch movies and sail around the Galaxy.

He left Chelomey Orbital at 9:10 on the Fifth of March. Fortuna glared at him from the holographic display, "You had better not try anything Grant."

"Ye of little faith."

"I've ordered that the Blue Lady stay on lockdown. The Sirius subsidiaries, as well as anyone associated with Aegis's port authority, have all been instructed to not authorize payments larger than ten million without the CFO's express consent. DO NOT TRY TO RUN AWAY!"

"For the record, this is my company and I don't understand how you managed to seize control over my assets!"

She laughed menacingly, "No, you're the CEO and Founder, but the shareholders defer to my judgment on spending, and yours on direction."

"I want our direction to be exploration dammit! Now what's your excuse?"

"Because if the Thargoids attack the station we lose all of our assets and become insolvent." She added with an air of superiority, "What's more we'll make up our losses on the warship with tax incentives from supporting Aegis."

"I... I don't care we're reversing course and returning to our original goal. Executive override is now in effect, release the Blue Lady and have Bertuccio and Hepburn meet me within the hour."

"No," she said casually.

"But I'm the CEO!"

"Yeah, and I have all the money."

He at last collapsed into his chair at the peak of exhaustion. "I'd fire you if this was my company."

She grinned smugly.

"I should be back by noon. Lunch is Mexican today."

"I hate mexican!"

"Ohh, I know..." His eyes danced with the unrepentant menace of a hypernova.

She pouted but gave him his petty victory, "Fine... I'll see you back here at noon."

After ending the transmission he set course for Malina, "I'll show you who has the money!"

"Lakon Juliet-Golf-Golf, Federal flight control is now online. Please submit a docking request before attempting to access the station."

"Yo! Kooi Resort, the swankiest binary star system this side of the bubble!"

"...Anonymous access granted," the flight controller dropped to a whisper, "Grant?! What are you doing back here?"

"Long time no speak, patch me through to Haas, you guys still got my Asp X impounded? I'm gonna need that back."

"Zachary Hudson never rescinded the kill order on you my brother." Brady Haas appeared on the holographic interface, his face was showing new signs of aging. "You are still persona non grata in the Federation."

"Brady, have you ever read the Legend of the Galactic Heroes? It's an old book by Yoshiki Tanaka, an Author from the Golden Era."

He sighed, "Yes... and I suppose you're going to compare President Hudson with Job Trunicht? Spare me, you're as much Yang Wen-li as I'm Alex Caselness."

"No... the closest you're going to find to Yang Wen-li would be Yuri Gromm."

Haas scoffed, "No, Yuri Gromm is the love child of Vladamir Putin and Che Guevarra. At the age of 15 they were already calling him Big Boss."

Grant scratched his head, "I got the first reference, do I get half credit?"

Haas exclaimed, "Big Boss? The man who sold the world? Naked Snake? You never played Metal Gear?"

"I need nano-machines."

"Hah! Exactly!"

Grant shook his head, "No, dispatch nano-machines I damaged my hull on landing. Also do me a favor and patch me through to Interstellar Factors. I need to clear the Cassiopeia from impound."

Haas sighed, "Are you and Fortuna arguing again?"

"Mind your own damn business!"

"When are you gonna marry that girl?"

Grant cringed, "When Malina A and B tear each other apart I'll consider it."

"If you say so. Patching you through, fly safe out there Grant."

Commander's log (3305-3-5) - I paid all the fines on the Cassiopeia, my first exploration ship, and carted her over to Stopover where I stripped her down and traded her for a Krait Phantom. There's just something about a Phantom that I find so... sexy. Anyways I put the retrofitted jump drive and as many of the pieces and parts back on the new Cassiopeia then I took her over to Lembava where I filled out the rest. Have I mentioned that the new Cassiopeia is sexy as all hell? And the best part is it's faster and easier to handle, even if it's lacking in the original's jump capacity. Now I'm debating on where to go. Normally I'd have Bertuccio accompany me, but there's no way he'd choose loyalty over invoking Fortuna's ire. What's more, without Fortuna to finagle me some contracts I'm really gonna be in trouble if there's no point to my excursion. I need to think and I've got... hmm, not long. (Supplemental) I'm on my way to Colonia! Engineer Mel Brandon lives out that way and it's the perfect excuse for my excursion. I hope Fortuna chokes on the Mexican back at the office. Eww shit, before I leave I need to stock up on provisions... and Limpets. I'll lay over at the Lagoon Nebula. It'll give me a chance to look back and flick off the bubble before I continue on to Colonia.

"I'm gonna miss Cassiopeia I, she was a good ship."

"That's a lot of Stars"

"It's a toddler, how cute!"

"Black Widow Binary"

"Eta Carina, baby"

"Wolf-Rayet, I'm a tad disappointed I'll admit"

"I'm sure I'll get over it"

"It's so pretty!"

"Do you wanna build a snow man?"

"Here's to you Cassiopeia I, So long and Farewell!"

If anyone comes across my log and wants to keep track of my journey feel free to send a Friend Request. See you in the black, Space Cowboys.

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