Logbook entry

John Grant / 16 May 3305
Fortuna favors the Rich

Author's Note: I intend on having fun with this 'logbook' so enjoy the fruits of a bored yet active imagination.



"More nope."

"Still nope."

"Ehhh, nope."

"Yes, finally! It's Perfect!"

  Isabella's vacation ended. To some this would have been a lamentable occasion, but not to her. After all she is a Grade A for **** workaholic, and the only reason she ever agreed to take a vacation was to satisfy the board of directors. So that morning the sun shined a little brighter on Cubeo 3. Stepping outside she took in the breathtaking scenery of the countryside one last time. The caressing breeze set the trees to dance, the bees hummed to the song of spring, and the birds sang cheerfully. However, none were more cheerful than she when the idyllic cacophony was cut off by the shuttle that came to pick her up and take her back to the station.

Once clear of the atmosphere she turned to her internal GUI Augment, opened up the music settings and set 'emotion detection' to active. Nutcracker: Act I, No. 8 "Waltz of the Flowers" started playing in her auditory cortex.

After touching down on Chelomey Orbital, she first checked in with Engineer Hepburn who had just finished modifying their new flagship the Crimson Eridanus. Then she floated over to the coffee shop where she met her 10 o'clock, Bei Huang of the Imperial Auxiliary Division. An hour later she waltzed into the office and checked up on Vito's latest bounty hunting conquests. Finally she set about updating the ledger. The office was empty and she was at peace.

That's when the door to GIANT SURVEY, LLC opened up and for the first time in a month she saw her callous boss who gleefully shouted, "O Fortuna!" Her play list tuned and Carmina Burana replaced the Nutcracker as her eyes narrowed.
"Grant." She said coolly.
"Fortuna... no, Isabella. While I was away I had plenty of time to think."
'Ugh, here we go...' she thought.
He got down on one knee, "I know I was a jerk to leave the way I did." She ignored him and continued typing. "You are an asset to this company, the rock we are built on. Without you there is no us. But Isabella, to me you are so much more."
She raised an eyebrow, "Grant?"
"Isabella listen. A wise woman once said, if you really like it you should put a ring on it."
Horror washed over her face when he reached into his pocket, "Grant wait!"
Before she could protest further he pulled out a hologram of the planet THAILOIQQ-B D14 80 9, a ringed Earth-Like, "So here you go, I named it after you: Fortuna 500!"
Despite her best efforts she giggle-snorted.
"Ha! I win."
She took the hologram from him and checked the ring's composition. "No diamonds? I feel cheated somehow." She remarked sarcastically.
He just grinned, "Its got void opals baby, they're more expensive, and as a bonus," He pulled out a void opal with a fiery luster and handed it to her, "they accurately reflect the warmth of my luvv for you."
She rolled her eyes, "Fine you win. This time I'll forgive you, but I'm keeping the stone. Next time find me one with diamonds and sapphires."
"It's yours, but why do you want a belt with those two?"
"Because they're my birthstones." She said sweetly.
"Okay," he shrugged, "I'll keep an eye out. Speaking of mining I'm thinking about making my next project an exploration/mining Cutter. What do you think?"
She blinked, "Can't you get more jump-range out of your Anaconda?"
"Yes... but-"
"-I get it, you get more cargo out of a cutter. Fine, I'll endorse your project."
He scoffed, "Actually I was going to say the seats are more comfortable, but your reason sounds better."
"Go do some work!"
He winked and headed over to his office while Fortuna hummed "Che Galida Manina".
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