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John Grant / 21 May 3305
To Boldly Go Where Every Explorer Goes Eventually

Author's Note: I intend on having fun with this 'logbook' so enjoy the fruits of a bored yet active imagination.

"Cue the Theme to Voyager"


"Maybe Deep Space Nine"

the final frontier.

"But We Don't Talk About Enterprise, Stick with NCIS Bakula!"

These are the voyages of the-

"Sued?!" Grant blinked, "Who filed the lawsuit?"

Captain's Log: A couple of weeks back we got sued by a very angry merchant guild. Can you imagine? They made us sound like pirates! I mean really who goes to a conflict zone for legal salvage? It's disrespectful, not to mention stupid. You know how they spun it? Search and rescue ops, they painted themselves as heroes. Assholes! Anyways, I told the magistrate that I can't be held responsible for a little indirect fire. Then he played back this 'manuscript of our comms channel'. Which, I mean, was obviously fabricated.

Cmdr jggiant12188 (12:21): So then he says to me 'I know you and Miss Landon find each other fascinating, but we’re not here to conduct a field experiment in human biology'. So I say to him-

{George Seers} 12:22  - Commander, cease and desist your aggression. We're here on-

Cmdr jggiant12188 (12:22): Die you separatist bastards! This is for Kircheis!

^^ See? Fabricated! I never make multiple SciFi references in the same post. I always stick to a single theme even if it kills me. At any rate, the court ruled in favor of the rat scoundrels and now I have to make up the money. So the whole company is going on an impromptu expedition. Bertuccio is taking his ship and I'm taking my Blue Lady. That's just how it is.

Serious log: Reached Norma expanse on our impromptu expedition. While waiting for Bertuccio who managed to run into car trouble a couple mile markers back, I decided to look in on a K something or other discovery. This search led to the remnant of a colossal supernova and its subsequent black hole system. Inside the rings of a dark gas giant I found not only sand spurs and mineral clusters, but also a strange new life-form. It's marked as a K02-Type anomaly. Easily the strangest thing I've come across since that lightning storm in space that led to the destruction of Vulcan. (Serious log, Supplemental) Interacting with the strange new life, and apparent civilization (cluster), I noticed that my sensors went haywire. Also while maneuvering my ship around to get a closer look I accidentally hit one of them and the strangest thing happened. Instead of becoming cosmic road-kill they bounced my ship like a pinball. What a strange and inordinate discovery. Science on my wayward sons.

"I'm picking up something on my long-range scanners"

"Hey Fortuna get the Camera!"


"Selfie, playing with the Black hole"

"Fascinating, let's poke it with a stick"

"It's an energy being... talk about a Cliché"

Seriously Serious Log, Star-date 3305.5.19 - After reaching rendezvous point 1, the Devil's Dance-floor, we took selfies and a lunch break aboard the blue lady. I believe by this time tomorrow we'll have reached Deep Space 9, I mean Explorer's Anchorage. Once we get done playing around Sag A we're going to chart a long course to Magellan's star, followed by a turn back towards the Crab Nebula, then finally Episode IV: The Voyage Home. (Seriously Serious Log, Supplemental) Found a space mushroom, an intriguing find to be sure. I'd heard about space shrooms from other Commanders but I never believed the stories. They... sing. A strange noise registered on my sensors and it sounded like singing. Fucking nirnroots. Sadly Bertuccio wasn't there to corroborate my observation, and Fred was too busy trying to patch up the hull with his team to spare me a moment. I swear I wasn't high when I heard it.

"Bertuccio's Ship on the Dance-Floor"

"Is that singing?"

"Someone find me a Humpback Whale!"

"It's electric"

Commanders Log, Final Supplemental - The company made 104 million after we sold our exploration data at Explorer's Anchorage, minus the money owed from the lawsuit. Looking back I love how you can see Sag A* from anywhere in the system. Lastly we banked our profits, snapped a few pictures, then pressed on to the Center where Bertuccio and I took a few more selfies before splitting up again. He'll be returning to the bubble with Fortuna while Fred and I make our way out into the beyond.

"Bertuccio aboard his Ship while we're hanging out in Explorer's Anchorage"

"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Shut the fuck up Carl!"

"Sag A* Selfie no. 9,121,319"
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