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Kissamies / 04 Jul 3305
Accidental Diplomacy and Leadership

I have been too busy to compose my thoughts in a log for a while, but a lot has happened. A couple of weeks ago our faction, Aseveljet, was at war on three different systems. Obato where we were fighting to gain control of an outpost, LP 410-81 that seems to always have some sort of conflict going on and Hakkinoha which we needed for our plan to expand out of Li Yong-Rui's territory. I had a suspicion that Li Yong-Rui's people didn't like out cooperative faction controlling systems inside their territory and it was soon confirmed. Two of the wars were going well but there seemed to be significant resistance on Hakkinoha and sure enough, I soon encountered a SiriusGov commander, fighting for the other side on a combat zone. We excanged some shots. I was able to outfight him with my Python, but his Mamba could easily outrun me, so it was something of a draw. I left and returned with my duelist Chieftain and promptly found him again. This time it wasn't a combat zone, just two of us staring at each other with deployed hardpoints. However, it turned out neither of us were the type to start shooting first so we eventually started talking.

I explained out situation, why we needed that system. He told me to contact his higher-ups, so I did. Hakkinoha is a three bubble system, so they are not happy to see it go to a co-op faction, but they were willing to temporarily allow us take control there, provided that we would return the favor later. I agreed and we started to work hard on the system. It was tought at first because we had to win the almost lost war and then deal with outbreak, but now we are nearly at the expansion numbers. Meanwhile the Brotherhood of Terra Mater took the slot we were planning to expand, so we might not get out of LYR space at all, but deal is a deal. Also a Pranav Antal's representative told me that he has heard of our plans to get to the Utopian space, and co-op factions are very welcome there.

Our squadron doesn't really have a rigid hierarchy. Active and assertive members who seem to know what they are doing end up in charge and at the moment it seems like it's me. I was being active with diplomacy and making suggestions so they pushed the leadership to me. I never asked for this, but perhaps the leader who doesn't lust after power is the most just one. I will see this through, but I'm starting to miss the exploration. I heard rumors that some sort of interstellar initiative is starting soon.
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