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John Grant / 04 Jul 3305
For all my non-sense past and future, I Apollo-gize

Author's Note: I intend on having fun with this 'logbook' so enjoy the fruits of a bored yet active imagination.

Next up for Grant and company, the Apollo 11 Memorial Expedition! Really just myself and Fred though. Matter of fact I think Bertuccio and Fortuna are trying to keep us away from the office for some reason... hmph.

In honor of the company's first cooperative expedition, and in the spirit of the event, I've decided to adopt a new tradition: I call it the Krantz initiative. Just as the legendary Gene Krantz used to wear a new sweater vest for each Apollo Mission. So to will I be taking out a new Ship each expedition. Then afterwards I'll give a thorough review of the ship's performance and what have you.

Behold! Daphne's Revenge, a lovely Clipper ship currently geared towards helping others. Originally I was thinking about taking an Eagle and turning it into an explorer. You know just so I could show up on the various moons and planets and be like, "The eagle has landed, and it's an imperial one!" Fred, ever the buzz kill, talked me out of it however. He was like, "Pick a clipper or something and name it the Eagle." He's a riot at parties, believe me.

My preliminary analysis of the ship itself is it's... AIDS. Seriously, it's a large ship that's lacking completely in optional slots. I would have had a better time outfitting a Fer de lance! At least then I could have sailed around with a DILLIGAF attitude! You might say it serves me right for naming the ship after Apollo's greatest case of blue balls.  They advertised this thing as multiroll! Liars, It's a 6th rate hauler, a 5th rate miner, maybe if I'm feeling generous a 4th rate combat ship. Honestly it's more likely to be a pleasure yacht for some imperial explorer who can't yet afford a Cutter!

(.... What?)

Rant aside it's definitely not meant for long-distance exploration, or shouldn't be in my opinion. I decided to outfit it as a hull seal. One thing i'll give it props for is its bitchin interior. I'm going to be partying in style all expedition long. Cubeo Cigars, Lavean Brandy, a... tabby cat? Fred! What is this cat doing here? Fred!! You couldn't find a sitter, what do you mean you couldn't find a sitter? What about Fortuna! She's allergic? Well... give him to Bertuccio. What do you mean that won't work, Vito isn't allergic. Living with Fortuna?! When did that happen? So Bertuccio gets the girl and I get the cat? This is some-

Do you like it?

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