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Dragon_Fire613 / 05 Jul 3305
Into the Black...

After several long years amassing a fortune in credits and a small fleet of ships, it was time for a new challenge. I never was much for keeping logs, but now that I'm taking the pilgrimage to Sagittarius A*, I find that I have plenty of time with my thoughts out here amongst the lonely stars. Professor Palin wants me to travel out 5000ly in order for us to do business to get my grade 5 thrusters, but I feel the journey to A* will be much further than that.

Like every other explorer I"m sure, I wanted to avoid the commonly traveled route direct from the bubble to the center of the galaxy, so I chose to first move up 1000ly out of the galactic plane, and then began to slowly move my way counterclockwise, eventually making my way to the Outer Orion Spur. I am now 6500ly from home, the furthest I have ever been.

The first thing that struck me, moving up out of the galactic plane, is how bright the galaxy is when seen from up here. There is less galactic dust to block the view, I suppose, but the sight is stunningly beautiful looking back towards the core. After a few days of travel, I have become more accustomed to seeing my constant companion out there in the background, but it is nonetheless a breathtaking view.

After making the requirements to meet Palin, I traveled on another 1000ly along the arm before finally making the turn inward towards the core. I just realized I need to adjust the settings of my galaxy map to perhaps help find some more interesting systems, but so far the trip has not been uneventful. My database says I have collected roughly 100mil in credits, with hundreds of discovered worlds and dozens of earth-like and terra-formable planets. I look forward to discovering some black holes and neutron stars as I journey inward towards the core.

It is now becoming clear what a monumental task this pilgrimage is, after hundreds and hundreds of jumps I am still perhaps only 10% of the path towards A*, but I will remain vigilant. I've heard many tales of space madness, but so far my squadron comms have kept me somewhat tethered to civilization.... so time will tell.

Until next time, Dragon_Fire signing off.
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