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[deleted133645] / 05 Jul 3305
Admiral Lis - UM Public speech - 05.07.3305

"Seems like yesterday when i left my family and my home in the Artemis system.. you all know my story in a place scarred by slavery and violence, so toxic to my soul i couldnt wait to steal my father's private dolphin and run to the Federation's heart! Here i worked hard to build a reputation of honesty and thanks to my 'borrowed' dolphin and preseverance, instead of inheriting a title and being expected to treat other people like less or like objects, with hard labour i reached the Admiralty within the federation and now lead a group of freedom fighters, instead of submission i get friendship and the respect of people and for what i do i never felt more pride in achievment! Even if i never had the guts or will to return my still dear dolphin to my father *coughs* .. after the grind and struggle, It is with great pride i declare officially active the Special Tactics And Rescue Squadron, a unit to protect all the values of humanity against its insidious enemies! Let Unegak Maku unite in awereness that now it is home to honesty and decency! it is home to justice! it is home to "STARS"!"

"Already more than 3000 successfull rescues and never stopping the count! let us be an example and\or aid to those who seek virtuous ends by unreasonable\impractical means! what i mean is what happened in the Eotienses system, with the autonomy group is a perfect example of an organisation in serious need of either reform or disbandment! and a personal note to all would-be-rescuers: if you cant be a part of the solution then at least do whathever it takes not to be a problem..please in a galaxy where every person in need is a priority it gets kinda hard to be close to say "its over" and to me mission given is mission completed! And our mission is everyone who needs us!"

"May the Gods favour our cause and may our cause be Justice itself!"

"Thank you Unegak Maku you're amazing!!!"

"And a thank you to the community - stay strong! o7"
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