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[deleted105814] / 06 Jul 3305
The limitations of Colonia

The longer I live in Colonia the more that I really love living here. But as I plan my trip back to the cradle of humanity, I have run into the limitations of our still new systems. I was planning on purchasing an ASP Explorer and stripping her for lowest weight and highest jump range so that the return trip to the bubble was quick and my grandson wouldn't get too bored along the way. You see I offered to take him back to our daughter before summer was up as a condition of him being allowed to spend his summer with us in Colonia.

While doing my research for outfitting my ideal travel ship. I discovered that the frame shift drive that I must have to make this work, is not available anywhere in Colonia. After that reality sunk in I realized what must happen. I will take my existing Search and Rescue ship the "Savitskaya" and return to the bubble in her. She is already fully outfitted and engineered to make long jumps, and by removing the SAR gear she will jump even further.

But sadly the ship I take back to human space will not be returning with me to our new home. There is a larger more dangerous ship that will be my ride for the trip back. My existing combat multipurpose ship in the bubble will be sold before I return and I am ok with that as I am not too attached to that Krait Mk II. But this ASP X was my first serious exploration ship and we have had many adventures together.

My heart sunk on the thought of selling this ship once I am ready to return home, we've been through a lot together and she has pulled me out of many a bad situation. I come to the realization that I simply cannot sell this ship, she is part of me, so she will move to long term storage in the bubble once I return home.

Now this brings up the second part of the issue here. Now I will be left without a Search and Rescue ship here in Colonia. So once again I type away on my terminal in my doing all of the preliminary work on designing a new SAR ship. One with range and capacity to refuel, repair and save those poor souls that otherwise would not have a chance.

I turn my attention to a ship that i once briefly owned but sold as it was not what I needed. I get in touch with the Faulcon Delacy rep over at Colonia Hub and place my order. Once again I will helm the mighty Anaconda. I spec out the ship for rescue, weapons removed, fuel and repair limpet controllers installed, SRV hangar, adequate shields and lots of lightweight modules. The biggest factor in her purchase is that while I couldn't get my hands on a 5A FSD for the ASP, I had no issue getting a 6A FSD over at Jaques.

I arrive via the red planet taxi service and head over to the sales office. Everything that they can do for me here is already done. I have to make two stops at other Delacy shops to finish up the outfitting. A quick run to Jaques and then a short jump to Ratraii and over to Colonia Dream for the final bit of outfitting.

I manage some FSD engineering and now she has a respectable jump range. I will be visiting Mel and Petra for some more engineering for this new beast, but she is now ready for service to the population of the Colonia area, if you find yourself running on fumes, or your hull needs in flight repairs, give me a shout and I will be on my way.
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