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Korz / 06 Jul 3305
A fresh start

I earned my commanders license only a few days ago. I set out into the galaxy for the first time on my own since leaving the Federal Security Service. I made my way across several systems running cargo in my loaned sidewinder until I had the credits to buy and outfit a Cobra MkIII. This made sense as a first owned ship as it is a good multipurpose ship with a solid reputation.

I run cargo and data for money now, working my way up to get myself into a comfortable position financially. I have decided to make Ray Gateway in Diaguandri as my new home. It allows me to have some of my Federal contacts without having to be under Federal control, still I am comfortable in and around the Federation.

I dock the Ambition in her new home and make my way to real estate office where I had already arranged for the purchase of a nice two bedroom apartment in one of the smaller towers on the surface of the station. It has a really nice view and is more than comfortable and adequate for my needs. I contact the Federal Security Service household goods office and arrange to have my belonging shipped to my new home.

I get to know the local dock master and meet the crew that will be maintaining my ships here at the station, they all came highly recommended by other commanders I have talked with here locally.

I head over to the local watering hole where most of the station based pilots come to unwind and tell tales of space adventure. I have a Lavian Brandy and meet several of the locals here. This station is controlled by Exodus Coalition, an independent group that I have taken an interest in.

it's a good feeling to be on my own after such a long career with the feds, I look forward to the opportunities that are in front of me.
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