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SgtCluckers / 08 Jul 3305
CMDRs log 10.0

-3305.07.08 07:39-
Well I've named it painted it and just about finish the final tweaks on my new Imperial Cutter, the Nexus Naval Vessel (NNV) Vandellia Crisshosa. It's an ancient extinct fish that was found in Amazonia, Earth. Sol system said to swim up your *ahem* warm water discharge, and inbed itself there till doctors removed it. Yikes, but I thought it was fitting.

Need to finish the NSV Dauntless II, my deep space Anaconda, it need s few finishing touches to be ready for the Peagues Run in September. Already cleared the 10 month expedition with Naval HQ. Suspicions are mounting since they gladly agreed and told me to enjoy myself because I would be very busy when I got back.

Still no word on what is going to happen with those Slaves stranded, will someone buy their freedom, paying off their debts? Seems I made a lot of Creds recently for something, who know what exactly.

Chief King keeps side tracking me with the search for Raxxla. I dont want to be driven mad, as he clearly has been, but the allure of such a discovery is so strong. The call of the Black, the Call for discovery, they are such strong pulls. Which to side with? Well I've registered with the Sergeant in charge of PR3305, my path is set come September but what do I do between now and then? Who knows

Working on planning some war games simulations for Nexus Union, start with basic dogfighting and work up to fully engineered ships, but itll take a little work from everyone. Need those Eagles with unengineered shields and weapons ready to go. Got some work to do still here, remember Fortune Favors The Bold!

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