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Korz / 08 Jul 3305
What is coming

I have been bouncing around hauling cargo, data and the like when I get an invitation to visit Felicity Farseer, the famous engineer/explorer. I understand her request for meta alloys will be a difficult one as they are growing scarce. I find the one station that is selling them, it's a short run to the Pleiades and as I get into the system and start scanning to find the terrestrial port, i am getting tons of non human signals coming back, this place is crawling with Thargoids.

I quickly make my way to the station, touch down, buy the meta alloy at a seriously high price and jump out of there as quick as I can as this Cobra Mk III isn't equipped for combat in any way. I make my way to Deciat and meet with Felicity, sh does great things for my Frame shift drive. I have more materials I need to gather to do the other items on my list. So I set off trying to find them.

I gather materials and my mind turns to the Thargoids again, then once back at Ray Gateway I find my mind drifting back to them again.

What I saw in that system was an infestation of Thargoids that are a serious threat to our existence. But why are they attacking us? the answer is simple, we are stealing the meta alloys, they are crops that they grow, and we feel free to take them as if they were ours. We as humans think that if we find something that doesn't have someone standing there telling us to leave it alone, that it's ours to take. So we have created this problem, the Thargoids are shooting at the thieves who are stealing their crops.

We created this problem, through our nature, and our arrogance, but now the Thargoids are our enemy, and a threat to our existence, so no matter what we did to start it, we must also finish it if we are to survive. Thankfully they are not at full blown war with us yet, just skirmishes in the areas where we are taking their stuff.

We have no real idea of their true numbers, are we just seeing scouting forces, or patrols, or is this the bulk of their fleet? I have a feeling it's the first part, we haven't seen anything yet. We need to be prepared and we need to do what we can to de-escalate this if possible. We know it's possible for them to be beaten, the Guardians did it, so can we.

But the issue is we need to prepare now, on a species wide scale. If war never comes, then we are the better for it, but if it does, we need to be prepared so that we don't cease to exist.

I will continue to prepare my self and my ship to be of service to the human race. because, well that's us. And we are all that we have.
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