Logbook entry

Mantinziza / 10 Jul 3305
Rebuilt, 0.2.2

My vacation is over, if that's what you would even call it.
I don't even know If I could call it that.

Keep it positive, it's all in the past....
like they've ever been in the void.....

It really was more of rehab, maybe even...... clear my mind time?

I don't really know if I'm over it....... probably not.

But considering I was the only one that survived, and the fact that Arleigh was the first ever crew mate to sign up with me.........


Hell, we went to explorers anchorage together.
He made it all the way to the rank of master, helping me keep the pirates at bay while we stripped opal, after opal out of those dirty ice rings.

Easy money between the two of us, not to mention the inevitable combat.  
Nothing better then being interdicted just to submit, or dart out of a ring with hard points, and fighter deployed.
Those pirates, every time would run so quick when they realized they bit off more than they could chew.

We won fight after fight against those arrogant, thieving, lazy, bastards,.
Even managing multiple times to take down four plus at time.  
I owe him so much, and I feel sick that I can't repay it.

It seems like it just happened, but was actually quite a while ago now, a month, maybe three.

I don't quite remember why we were doing it or what is was for.
All I do remember is loading up on over 300tons of tungsten and heading to some random station to sell it.
The interdiction seemed like any other pirate interdiction, but then again all interdictions are the same, until the situation shows its self that is.

This time was noticeably different,

Two imperial cutters, a mamba and a FDL.  

They all must of had engineered scramble spectrums equipped.
It was so damn fast, holy crap it was fast.
I couldn't even get any info on any of my panels.  
The 8B upgraded shields installed dropped in less than 5 seconds, class 6 banks being popped at half shields, again at a quarter all the while trying to jump.

With the consistent FSD malfunctions, we weren't going anywhere.
I really did try to get the hell outta there, Arleigh in his remote fighter, doing his best.

One of the bastards got a lucky shot on my power plant and around 80%+ hull, everything went dark.

I remember taking a deep breath and looking over, nodding at Arleigh.
He smiled and nodded back........

Next thing I knew, I woke up on a metal slab, freezing, with the worst headache ever.
It took me a few minutes to put together/remember what had happened.

It was so lucid, vague and everything else in between, drug like euphoria almost when I noticed a humanoid figure cast a shadow through the only lit doorway.

This figure did tell me they were part of a search and rescue effort, and they happened to stumble across my incinerated ship.

I can't for the life of me give a verbatim repeat of what they said, my head was spinning so bad.
The only thing I did pick up on was whomever had just helped me was using some type of voice mask, I think.

It almost sounded like a Victor Covas, but more human and coherent.
It was definitely some type of synthetic voice.

Now that I really think about it I guess it's possible that it could've been the ship talking to me considering the state I was in, but I guess I'll never know.
Not unless some more of my memory can shake loose.

Being the airhead I am sometimes, my first realization was that my spare 1 ton of liquor I kept for me and my crew was no more.
The thought of losing over 3/4 of a ton of liquor really irritated me.
Until the fact that it was for me and Arliegh made the wheels click in my brain........

At that point I assumed he was there with me, I called out and got no response.
I was still trying to shake everything off, so I just figured he was there but just knocked out, or something along those lines.
After about an hour my vision was beginning to clear up.

I am happy that I didn't completely forget to address him at the first point of me coming back too, but I will never assume ever again.....
I still feel like a jerk though.

Especially when I was finally capable of getting a clear look around and realized I was the only one in there at that point of time.

At least His memory wasn't jarred out of my head 100%, that would've been worse.

Or would it, is it possible to feel bad about something you don't remember?

I feel like my gut would know, somehow.
Those moments where you know you're forgetting something but just can't remember.....

Even though I didn't forget about him, I definitely felt like I had forgotten about something.

Dej-vuu, kind of......... but not really.

That wreck really through me out of wack.

I know there are bits and pieces still missing, my gut turns just before a new memory floods into my head.
I guess I'll fill in those blanks as time goes on I guess.

If they even or ever come back.....

I guess, "I" got lucky.

All the exploring we did together........
The mining....
The adrenaline laced combat, that didn't end in disaster...........

The conversations,  while enjoying a nice pint in deep space, while looking off into the void.

My gut sank to the bottom most part of my body as the vast memory's of time we spent together darted through my head........

Dammit, "I"  realized I bit of more than "we" could chew, choosing to do that supply run.


Pirates are chumps......
Compared to organized wings belonging to actual powers.
Those military's exist for a reason, they are good at what they do.
When it comes time to fight the Thargoids, I hope they show up to help, instead of blowing us out into the void again.
I just don't know why we got targeted like that, we must of been mistaken for someone else.....
But that seems so impossible though, unless they had systems that were really immensely old or something along those lines......
Odds are they really just didn't care, which does happen..... unfortunately.
Maybe we somehow scared/threatened them?
But I guess that really doesn't matter now.

I Just have to be more careful next time around, and be better engineered.
I got my eyes on Aislings Prismatic shields now along with the guardian shield booster.

I Just wish I had earned them before the incident with Arleigh Happened....

But those will have to wait...

After my "vacation", which honestly was to long for my taste.

I worked my way to the insurance agency to cash in my claim, all while hoping it hadn't been to long.
surprisingly some one already taken care of, I could only assume who it was.
The commander of that search and rescue crew, dropped of my information for me when we first got back.
At least that was my best guess.
But someone did it for me.

I'll have to buy him/her a drink if I ever run into them again, and if i can even recognize them.
My vision was 50/50 when they (supposedly) talked to me..
Maybe..... at least give him half of the bottles from my personal stock back on my home station.
And actually that's the really humorous part of this whole ordeal.
Who ever this was, oddly enough resupplied my liquor stash at their own cost, this truly was a pleasant surprise.

This persons, kind gesture will definitely remind me that not every one flying around out there is a jerk.
Oddly, and not oddly, this cleared my head up more than the rehab did.
I will definitely pay it forward if I ever get the chance.

The amount of custom upgrades I had on the Grim was a decent amount.
I was amazed my insurance replaced all of it.
The re-buy was a little steep......  31,000,000 something credits.
But it was the third of the cost of a new ship of the same caliber minus the standard load out.
So I Won't complain, how could I?

Hell, they even redid the paint job and everything.
I'm happy to see you get what you pay for.

I hunted down the dock my Type-10 was attached to and after a few minutes just staring.
I clambered in and sat in the helm, rehashing the very sobering memories.
A lot of thoughts passed through my head, along with some jogged loose, nasty, horrible memories,

The thought of the ship going dark before detonating flashed through my head.
I now remembered being sucked out of the cockpit canopy and hitting my head on the forward console, that must of been when I was knocked out.....

Maybe........... it's all still kind of vague and fuzzy from that point forward.

I didn't have my harness on when it all happened, I just come back from relieving myself.

Those interdiction's..... they sure can pop out of nowhere......

I really don't know if having my harness off was a good thing or a bad thing though.
If I did have it on I could've been strapped into that exploding deathtrap and incinerated with it, maybe not.
Maybe I wouldn't have hit my head if I had it on and been able to remember everything up to the point of being rescued.....

But those are all what if's......

The accuracy of the rebuild is nice, but they didn't need to get the Grim this accurate.....  it makes my head hurt.

Still though......
could I even legitimately call it the Grim Aegis if it wasn't so spot on?

Pros and Cons to everything I guess....
But that's the, what if game again.

I did eventually managed to refocus, pulling myself into the information screens.

That's when I noticed my lack of credits.
Don't fly without re-buy.

Unless you don't have a choice, which I really didn't.

I could've  sold one of my other ship's, but that made me cringe.

No, that ain't going to happen, to much lost engineering and time wasted ordering ships to my current station just to strip the modules.

So it was time to mine again, which I needed protection for, so I hit up the local crew lounge.

It was hard not to think of my old crewmate while looking through the dossiers......

Arleigh was so easy going, it didn't help that everyone here was so staunch and military like, not a horrible thing I guess, but still though.
I really didn't want to deal with people who couldn't chill out or relax, let alone carrying that attitude into my ship.

Every dossier my eyes scanned over seemed to scream, "I have a stick up my ass".

This crew lounge, I guess this is what you get from a station that's currently sitting in a civil war.

Which is another reason why I prefer to stay in deep-space, away from the turmoil and stress that these groundlings make, and seem to oddly enough thrive in.

Luckily enough, someone did stand out to me,

A younger women who was almost completely green, her name was Tanvi Mcarty.

She wasn't completely new due to the fact that she had one or two kills from being in security group on some planet that I never heard of.
I cant remember the type of ship she said she flew. But with such limited kills she seemed prime to learn something new, and not be completely horrible at the first run.
Perfect balance in my opinion.

I think the accident is still screwing with me though.
I can only remember some, not all key details during our conversation.  

I do remember her explaining to me that she wanted to see the galaxy and explore as well.

Some Mining and possibly a light bit of combat was the first move that was being planned, that would inevitably lead into building a new exploration ship.
I had gotten a hold of her and over a light lunch.
I explained the baseline idea and how it would evolve into a massive exploration trip i was planning and that she was more than welcome aboard if she wanted to sign on.

She was very Leary at the thought of playing protection for the first few mining runs we had to do.
Once i cleared up that the mining was going to be short lived along with telling her about how deep we were going to mine, it seemed to help her calm down.

Not too far out of the bubble, but far enough that we would only have to deal with pirates on the trip back.

I could see her eagerness to do the larger exploration afterwards, it's probably what made her decide to sign on.

The mining itself went smoothly no problems whatsoever, she was elated at some of the views while we were just mining.
I explained that this was really nothing,  the things she would see on the trip could range to anything, black holes, neutron stars, etc etc.
Which seemed to make her even more adamant of staying on board.
The idea of seeing a black hole up close is what really set her off, and I get it I remember seeing my first black hole..........

We were interdicted twice on the return trip.

But nothing out of her league just one lone pirate on both interdictions, and stupidly if I might add.  
I really don't get what either of these pirates were thinking, interdicting a type-10 alone.
And at that point, they probably weren't.
Just more focused on the 300+ tons of opals we had.
If they want to make themselves a training dummy for Tanvi so be it.

I let her get used to the mosquito, Arleigh's old ship,  and she was very intuitive with it.
I mean, she is still learning, but she managed to surprise me on both encounters, definitely better than I thought.
Of course the two interdictions were nothing compared to anything me and Arleigh ever dealt with.
She amazingly got the final shot on both when they were trying to jump away from us, I coudn't help but laugh.

At this point of time, thanks to the mining Tanvi had helped so spectacularly well with.
It was time to start thinking about some guardian tech, the FSD booster really intrigued me.
Especially considering The trip I'm planning..

I called on an old but not forgotten ship collecting dust in a far off hangar, the first ship I ever purchased.
An old Diamondback explorer..
I never really created a true role for this ship, due to the fact that I did everything in it.
This was the ship I used when I slapped my name on my first undiscovered rock.

And it was finally time to name it, considering I feel like I finally found its true role.
The Guardians Revival.
It seemed appropriate due it being a perfect ship for finding those old ruins.

Definitely my permanent guardian gatherer now, It really is perfect for the job. Size and jump wise.
I just wish I knew about the point defense trick on my first run.
It really doesn't matter though, I managed to pull it off after multiple trial runs, loads of frustration, and hours of figuring out what to shoot.

(Those sentinels can really knock you around, with those missiles).

Ill just have to remember to snap on a point defense next time out, If my shoddy memory lets me that is.

After procuring those long desired guardian components.
I finally got to wrap my hands around a class 5 guardian FSD.

The Void Phoenix, a rebuild.

It was perfect considering that I had sold the void axiom a while a while back, I kind of wish I didn't due to the fact that it would've saved me a ton of legwork.

However it was a two fold situation, rebuilding ships and can help you see things that you didn't see the first time around.

Realizing that I only needed a 1d distributor is a great example.

Even though it lacked the ability to boost, I noticed I really didn't need it due to the fact that I'm going to be out in the middle of no where in a ship that is designed to scan things.
I only rename name ships if I rebuild them from the ground up.

Topping it off with the class five guardian FSD.

This ship is by far the best exploration vessel I've ever had the fortuity of piloting/owning. A nice high jump range of 73+ Lys and a planetary vehicle hangar, this thing can explore, gather materials for FSD boosting and more.

Jumping out of the bubble while using FSD boosts, flying through the blue vortex of death, 4 or 5 times allowed us to clear over 1700 Lys in less than 3 hours real time.

Well past my furthest record before hand.
This vessel is beyond a massive improvement/upgrade, well deserving of the new name.

We are no longer Neutron jumping any more due to my FSD being at 94% integrity.

And as far as my destination goes.......

Standing in the Sol habitat bubble, draw a line between it and explorers anchorage.

The general area were aiming for would be around the far right, in the Tenebris/Viatori Patuit region.
The general area between the two seems so ripe.

The end goal were aiming for is around a billion+ credits in exploration data. 
I know this trip will take longer than the trip to explorer's anchorage. But it will definitely be enjoyable, not to mention the lack of worrying about being interdicted.

And the liquor is coming with us.

The entire idea is to eliminate rationing, nothing wrong with stress relievers way out there.

My wordage has probably become more lose by now, but that is the point.
So much has happened between the last log and now, I now realize I should keep it up to date more often.

I will be aiming to keep future logs as organic and realistic to the trip at hand as possible.

If worse comes to worse, I'll cross my fingers before the worse happens, that someone will stumble across our ship and scrounge out these old files for one last read, be them human or not.

The funds we plan on making will be going towards every possible way to combat the Thargoid threat when we return.  
I'm also hoping some polite and philosophical conversation will convince Tanvi into staying with me when once we get back to habitable space.
Shes a truly amazing pilot.
The topic of Thargoids has been here and there in our conversations.
she really doesn't seem to want to talk about those bugs.
It almost seems like some type of innate fear/phobia, and I really don't blame her.
Revenge is on my list though one way or the other, be it alone or with a crew....

I will eventually take part in the war, one way or the other.

I will not have, and refuse to have crew mates that can't make decisions on there own merit,
I refuse to force hands.

Arleigh had that attitude, and I couldn't appreciate it enough.

Wish us luck commanders, I hope to be back from the void soon.

Do you like it?

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CMDR Mantinziza
10 Jul 3305
Rebuilt, 0.2.2
30 May 3305
Log 0.2.0
24 May 3305
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