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Feral Terrel / 10 Jul 3305
The Endless Stretch (Commander Ferals inner monologue)

The intent of these inner monologues are comedic in nature, they will reference the music I am listening to, and most of the time be filled with utter nonsense. There will be plenty of pop culture references as well. Enjoy yourselves CMDRs.

I have come to the realization that no matter how far I go into the Black, I will never find the answers to the grand question. I try so hard to find new clues, but no matter what I am lead to just more questions.

What is the question, oh you wouldn't be able to handle the magnitude of such a great question, but I shall tell you anyways. I do warn you, you're head might explode.

Where did I leave my wallet?

Yes, that is the grand and glorious question, where in fact did I leave my wallet? El Segundo? Maybe, but not likely, I haven't seen earth in what seems like centuries. I could've left it at that one station in HIP 19334, but I don't remember. That was a really beer and hash heavy night with some fellow commanders.

Alas I must continue traveling until I find my wallet, it has my Costco membership card, and I really want a pallet of chips.
G bcc hSeriously you can fill a Cobra MKIIIs hold with tonnes of BBQ flavored Kettle Chips.

Snacks for light years dawg.
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