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Korz / 10 Jul 3305

I get up this morning and head up to the hangar deck, I pre-flight my day old Asp Explorer the "Manticore" and I accept the cargo manifest from the dock foreman. Simple run, just one jump, only a partial load, no big deal.

I make my delivery, and another and another, being careful which contracts I choose to take on. I am trying to build up my credit balance for a multitude of reasons. I need to make the right people happy and here at Ray Gateway that means the EXO rep, she's doesn't seem to care for me yet, but maybe she's just a bitter person, who knows. I take contracts from her and some of the other factions, I get them done, they pay me and my reputation grows.

I need these credits to upgrade my ship, but not too much as I have my sights set on a much bigger prize, a Python. Always a favorite of the FSS special ops teams, it's a tank, with lots of firepower but can still land anywhere, and it was always comfortable, even with a full team on-board.

For my purposes it's a nearly perfect ship, can haul cargo, go mining, take passengers and still be a decent combat vessel all at the same time. The thought of owning one of these myself I must say is exciting.

For now I work diligently, combing through the contracts to find the right ones, fulfilling them as requested and not allowing myself to get tangle up with pirates. It is paying off quit nicely.

I run my contracts for the day and then head off to upgrade the Manticore with a new shiny A rated frame shift drive. I want some range on this thing, the further I can jump, the more trade territory I can open up for myself.

I return to Ray Gateway at the end of a long day, I deliver a couple of data packets, my last contracts of the day. i have been promoted to Petty Officer in the Federal Navy Auxiliary, and been issued a permit to jump to Sol. Never really thought about that as I was in Sol all the time as the FSS, pretty much had to go to Mars at least twice each year for various reasons. Still it will be cool to jump in there in the Commanders chair this time.

I take a high paying contract that I will run tomorrow, and I head to my apartment to settle in for the night, as I lay down in my bed, I realize that this is what I want to be doing with my life right now, I wouldn't trade my past for anything, but this is now and it is the right place and the right thing for me.
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