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[deleted133645] / 10 Jul 3305
UM Admiral's Public statment stardate 10.07.3305

Another morning, and its good to be back in unegak maku! And with some more trophies courtesy of the insectoid invaders! Was it the community goal or was the pleiades just so livelly and filled with friendlys!? Even the pirate factions were focused on the bugs! A glorious visit for me i say! never have i seen more ax hunters in one station before! And i also believe the best challenges are to be found in anti-xeno activities so i hope all bored pirates out there grab your guardian gear and go deliver real amounts of awesome!

Also a word of apreciation to all the supportive and cordial spirit shown by all commanders i have met there! this is what a community is! And this is what S.T.A.R.S. aspire to be! Anyone who needs aid in this perilous voids is invited to remember in unegak maku we help and we respond "not who or when" but "where?"! For the glory of freedom!

This is Lis F. Solidor proud Admiral of the Federation and leader of the UM Federal Alliance
Wishing the community safe travels out there!
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