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Rho Tefnutet / 18 Jul 3305
Private Logs #903

I've taken a closer look at all the people around the Reightler and I daresay, it's not the place I've been to first time. I guess everything had changed for a brief moment when Brotherhood, back then, was in total control. Nonetheless, the overall production at Reightler Dock as well as in Draguan Nu seems to be doubled since that time. I dunno what Maurice Starkill is up to, or what is Snider thinking about. It's not that New Republic doesn't show much plans to Bloodbound Harvest either. Me, especially.

Maite Snider
One of the big players in entire Draguan Nu. She doesn't like negotiations and seems to be a rather direct person. I still don't get why anyone of her position would just shave head, instead of keeping the long hair.
On the second thought, she's better without them. Wouldn't fit her character.

Maurice Starkill
Since the last incident when I tossed the NR pin right under his feet I didn't really see him personally. Maybe for the better as it was, well, a rather sour goodbye. And maybe a few additional insults... My personal opinion? He is arrogant and petty to some extent, like anyone with urge for power.

Ingrid Elfridr
That woman. I've never seen anyone like that before, save for a few tomboys. But then, she is far from being a typical tomboy. Her dedication to the cause and goals is impeccable. She knows how to push people into action, by doing action as well. How many times did she save my neck?
Okay, maybe a little bit too many.

Er Liao
The Segonian genefreak with rat genus is pretty much what you could expect from the typical mechanic and dry dock worker except for obviously non-human frame. He is silent and that cold-thinker type. One of the very few males in the closest ring of the people I trust.

Eliana Sanchez
There's nothing positive I can say about this guy. Let's just agree I somewhat dislike him for all he had done in the past. It's not he doesn't like the genefreaks. he simply doesn't see them as... equal. If he wasn't the good security head I bet Ingrid would kick him out of the Reightler.
Or at least, I'd do that myself at times.
Do you like it?

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18 Jul 3305
Private Logs #903
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Rho Tefnutet
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