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Bloodsign / 10 Jul 3305
A feeling of emptiness

I lost my copilot today, Edith Jacobs.  She had signed on with a rating of Helpless, but I have an eye for talent.  Even so, I was surprised that she managed to beat me to Dangerous (but only by that much...).

I guess I respected her drive and admired her fire.  When I met her, she had just finished up a run to the far side of the galaxy, in an Orca, of all things.  But Edith really wanted to fight pirates; it was something she felt quite strongly about.  She took to the Taipain like a fish to water; soon she was slinging those plasma bolts and landing almost all of them on target.  I just tallied her cut of the bounties: 23 million.  She was a hard worker, I'll give her that.  I guess I'll have to send the remainder of her pay to her next of kin.

I'm not really sure what happened; we were hunting the Ehlanda Purple Gang over in the Ehlanda system and we overtook a wing of those dirtbags in a HazRes in the rings of Ehlanda 14.  At the helm of my Krait Mk.II, I was handling the lead, an Anaconda, while Edith kept the others occupied with the Taipan from the telepresence suite.  I was hammering the Annie with my MCs and frag cannons; his hull was about 60% and his shields were down.  My own shields were low, but manageable; hardened bi-weaves with the minimum resistance at 30%, boosted with conventional and Guardian tech.  I was face to face with the Anaconda, watching him slough about desperately trying to evade, and I was ready to unload another full volley into his unprotected back.  Suddenly my Krait's shields were completely down and the hull was breached, in the space of about two seconds.  I don't know how I made it to the escape pod in time, pure instinct I guess.  I still can't figure what happened; maybe the Anaconda called for help and his wingmates hit me hard with simultaneous plasma bursts?  It doesn't even matter.  I was sick and in shock in the escape pod, completely numb.

I'm not even sure what to say, or where to go from here.

Goodbye, Edie.
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CMDR Bloodsign
Bounty hunter
10 Jul 3305
A feeling of emptiness
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