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Dragon_Fire613 / 11 Jul 3305
The Tail.

The found me. They found me and followed me all the way out here and I don't know how! I first noticed an echo on the discovery scanner when I first honked a system... they have good timing. Enough to fool me at first but I noticed it. Is it an agent of Aisling Duval? I defected the day before I left on this expedition.... I have no other enemies. Regardless, they are following me. Hiding on the opposite side of the star and waiting for me to jump to the next system, and then can my wake to follow. WHY HAVEN'T THEY ATTACKED!!??!!!????? I nearly had them caught in a neatly laid trap, I triangulated a loop in my jump path around a black hole with a neighboring neutron star, so that when they jumped into the system on the other side from my view they would be ripped to shreds from the gravitational pull and the energy from the star. It nearly worked. I could see a blur of action through the lensing effect of the black hole, but alas they escaped.

I grow nearer to Sag A* by the hour.... perhaps that will be their strike point. Perhaps they have allies waiting there for me in ambush. I will have to devise further strategy as I continue on towards my destination.
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CMDR Dragon_Fire613
Freelancer / Bounty hunter
14 Jul 3305
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12 Jul 3305
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11 Jul 3305
The Tail.
09 Jul 3305
Onward in the Darkness...
05 Jul 3305
Into the Black...
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