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Nf442 / 11 Jul 3305
I'm Being Sirius

Well, my long-awaited downtime at Bernoulli Vision was cut short as we soon found out that fitting the FSD booster wouldn't produce the desired jump range. Now, believe me, the 57ly range it currently has is more than enough under usual circumstances.

However, we're not operating within normal circumstances. We need it higher and that means going to a new engineer.
It's strange not working with Felicity, as she was the first engineer I dealt with.

I am to meet with Senior Executive Hank Lee at Davy Dock in the Procyon system. I know him well enough, having done much work for him in the past. Still the Sirius Corporation he worked for was standing between me and Marco Qwent.

I've only a little more work to do before they'll consider me an "Ally" and I'll be granted permission to work with him.

The Dea Caelistis has been moved over to Davy and the crew ordered to congregate there.

I'm heading out in the Mamba to do some wet work for Sirius.

Working my ass off to please some corporation is the last thing I wanted to do, but you know how it goes.

I'm apparently looking to "take care" of someone for them. I've never been much of a fighter, but I've defended myself before. Most likely will again.

Now i know why they kept details of this wet work job from me until I arrived in system. It's a political assassination. Some politician named Lebowski. From the Order of the Smiling Moose.

Welp, not gonna turn back now, it'll net me some good rep with Sirius and maybe bump up m combat ranking.


Well I took him out. Right in the middle of his speech about jobs for the jobless and bright futures. No doubt some lies, but his fans seemed hooked. They tried to fry me up good, but I got away. The mamba holds together surprisingly well. Really starting to grow on me.

I'm heading back to Davy now to turn this in and get my well-earned rep. Might even get some sleep if I can find time. Sill lots of prep work to do before we set out on our voyage.

Xanthippe ~ Lance of Longinus ~ Procyon ~ 11 July, 3305 ~ 06:33 GMT
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11 Jul 3305
I'm Being Sirius
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