Logbook entry

John Grant / 11 Jul 3305
My 11th Entry is - An Apollo 11th Entry

Author's Note: I intend on having fun with this 'logbook' so enjoy the fruits of a bored yet active imagination.

Floating between a million points of light on a dark and endless sea. The clipper Dafne's Revenge listed silently in deep space. There in the murky blue darkness of the stellar observatory, puffing away on his Cubeo cigar, sat Grant and his furry co-pilot. "I'm bored," he muttered tiredly as the cat, Commander Scooter, stood in his lap purring. "Just another day, huh buddy?" The animal looked up curiously, contemplated mutiny and genocide, stretched into a yawn, then curled up. "Yeah....?" He took another draw then blew a smoke ring, "...same."

"Grant? Hey Grant!" Fred said over the comms.

"Yeah?" He hailed back.

"Where are you?"

He took a sip of Lavian brandy, "Getting low..."

After a few seconds Fred asked, "Kay well have you seen my cat?"

"Maybe, bring me up another bottle and I'll tell you."

"Are you still depressed about Fortuna and Vito?"

"What? Ohh I don't care about that, I'm happy for them. I was just being melodramatic as an excuse to spend time away from the office."

Fred sighed audibly, "You're the slackest boss I've ever had. As it happens though you're a pretty good companion to get drunk with so I'll be right up."

Commander's Log - So far the Apollo Party has been a nice, calm, meet and greet. Fred and I assisted several other Commanders with Guardian Frame Shift research. Afterwards we all pretty much bs'd while flying asteroid maneuvers and showing off our ships. Then we mass launched to the first waypoint. After a few days the ship's store of Lavian brandy had been drained, so by this time tomorrow Fred and I will be down to beers. Let me think... At waypoint 1 we all hung out at the local pumpkin patch and played with our SRVs. Snapping a few photos and trading some more spacer stories we eventually began waxing nostalgic on what it was like for the first space pioneers. Naturally we mused about the Apollo guys, then the 2020's reboot - Artemis with their Orion spacecraft. Afterwards we talked about the 22nd Century pioneers who would have tested the first hyperspace drives using warp engines.

Fun Fact: Fred told me that in the first ships, pilots wouldn't have had GUI displays simulating superluminal speeds. Instead they would have had an out the window view: first you'd see the visible stars blueshift until they were invisible to the naked eye, then this hazy blue cone forms when background microwave light blueshifts into visible light.

At the time that was as fast as a human could go. Those first daredevil's piloting that technology would probably roll over in their graves if they knew that their names were all but forgotten. The true firsts like Magellan, Shepard, Armstrong, Aldrin, and Gagarin; they're the stars on our horizon. The rest of us, no matter how much we discover or accomplish are little more than ephemeral dots in the lattice of history. Just shooting stars on a summer night.    

*lights another Cubeo Cigar*

....and now for some

Stories from the Expedition

A Tale of Two Clippers

"Hot! Hot!!"

"-and I says to him, I says: Sorry, we don't serve alcohol to miners."

Nobody: "..." Me *Inhales*: GAVIN!!!!!!

Cmdr Avalian: "I'm sorry it took so long I had to go-" Me: "Have you... seen, Gavin?"

Me: "Whatya thinking about?" Cmdr Alec: "Lave-con, I guess."

Me: "Say cheese." Them: "Gouda!" "Muenster!" "Appenzeller!!" "Emmentel!!!"

Cmdr Coded: "You're not in the PG? What do you mean you're not in the PG! Ugh... hold on guys."

Storm on the Horizon

"Right, so add my alt. Okay then we'll send you a wing invite... how many jumps out are you? 30 jumps!? What do you mean you're still in the bubble?"

"Hey... umm, am I at the right waypoint?"

"That's everyone! Okay, let's get lined up. Start your drives and when the countdown ends just boost. Ready?"

"Gentlemen... Start your engines!" Random newcomer: "You guys are doing a mass jump, can I join?" *Collective groan*
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