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Bhikku / 11 Jul 3305
Crew Member Diary #1

(From the journal of Macy Juarez.)

Third day on the job now, and damn if Bhikku hasn't kept me busy. We've been mostly flying her Anaconda, the Asmodeus, with me on the Taipan fighter. I've flown a lot of ships, mostly commercial ones, and I have to say the Taipan takes a little getting used to. Bhikku is thankfully patient with me.  Mostly I've been keeping smallers ships off her back, plus harassing the big ones when they are alone. Sometimes Bhikku even lets me fight some pirates one on one, and I'm still here, so I must be doing something right. I appreciate my commander's patience for me. I'm pretty sure I'm getting up to speed, as she already raised my salary to 3% of the ship's profits. That may not sound like a lot, but the things we get involved in pay very well. Of course I will send most of my earning to my family, but that still leaves me with a lot of extra credits to spend.

Not that I have that much downtime. Our patrols and anti-pirate activities seem to never cease, although every now and then we switch to the Nostromo, a Type-9 monster. This is her cargo ship, with which we do some cargo delivieries, mostly minerals and metals. However, a big, slow ship like that attracts pirates, and that's why I fly the Taipan even on those missions. We rarely get any serious trouble, and most pirates eventually run away. We probably need to start doing more damage to their thrusters. I think I'll bring that up with the commander soon.

I'm not supposed to discuss this with anyone, but I'll trust my journal is private enough. Lately, we've been doing staging operations in [redacted], with the final objective of [redacted]. [...] Anyways, I'm looking forward to it.
                 (your journal is not secure enough. -bhikku)

I almost forgot, there is also another fighter pilot on the payroll: Opal Atkins, an experienced veteran. She's on a break now, but it's been made clear to me, that when the mission calls for no pulling punches, Opal flies the Taipan. But for now I get to fly support. To my understanding Opal's a bit of legend around these parts. I bet most of it is classified, but I will try and see if I can find more about her.

Downtime over, time to return to the ship. This is M. Juarez, fighter pilot for Earl Bhikku, signing off.
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