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Korz / 11 Jul 3305
Switching gears

I sip my coffee while looking over the news at breakfast. The system is having issues, there's unrest all throughout Diaguandri. I ;ll have to be careful as I fly around the system, I am not involved in their issues here, i am here to make a new life for myself and earn as many credits as I can along the way.

I put my dishes in the washer and leave my apartment for the hangar level. A few elevator and transport rides later I am preforming a pre flight on my Asp X the "Manticore" She is brand new so not much chance of anything being wrong, but in space, you don't take chances.

I board the ship and Astra greets me with a friendly "Greetings Commander, welcome aboard" I thank her and then ask her to run full systems diagnostics as I start the coffee maker in the galley. I get a "all systems operating well within parameters" a few seconds later. I make my way to the cockpit, sit in my seat and access my systems panel, the cargo is all loaded. Ready for an almost full capacity run, just one system away.

All modules online, return to surface Astra, "right away" she chimes back. As soon as we are on the surface, I ask her to initiate a launch. "Launching" she simply replies and the auto launch takes over until we are clear of the station. "Shall  I clear the station and prepare for jump?" Astra asks, "yes" I reply. We clear the station and the frame shift drive begins to charge.  4,3,2,1 jump, we are in witch-space, headed only a few light years away.

These local runs are profitable and the more reliable you prove to be the the more the factions pay.I am making credits faster than I knew was possible.

I want to get out and help evacuate people in need, I want to explore, so I need to get some more of my ship engineered to do all the above.

I return home to Ray Gateway at the end of the day and I head down to the maintenance office, where the sales engineer and I configure the Cobra MkIII for surface and exploration ops. I need materials for Felicity to use to upgrade my components. So tomorrow I will scoop can and gather as much as I can, maybe spending a few days out in the black to see how it works out for me. the quarters on the Cobra aren't  the most luxurious, but they aren't uncomfortable either, especially for a single occupant.

Will see how this goes tomorrow.
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