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Nf442 / 11 Jul 3305

So, the Sirius Corporation has finally deemed my efforts in eliminating their political rivals worthy of awarding me with a permit to enter their home system.

Sirius, the dog star. I certainty feel like a dog running errands for these people but this is the only way to get what I need. Marco Qwent has offered up an invitation to have an audience with him, after I source and provide him with 25 Module Terminals.

What the hell is a module terminal and why can't Sirius Co. provide their engineers with the proper equipment. Although I can see that it's more likely this request is a production of his need to observe my resourcefulness rather than one made out of actual need.

Either way, I know that after I deliver these to him I still have many more dull tasks ahead of me. Can't upgrade my ship without finding the necessary materials and data. Hopefully, this will be the last grinding I do for some time.

Although I am increasingly anxious to get her outfitted and underway to the dark corners of our galaxy, the Dea Caelistis will have ot wait a moment more.

An old friend of mine, Kathryn Dimandis, is currently on Davies Terminal - where I stopped off to courier some data regarding my new engineer contact. I agreed to meet her for drinks, it's been far too long since I've last seen her and she said she has a request to make of me.

If I still know Kathryn, i have no doubt it will be far more interesting than any other drink date I've had in recent years.

Xanthippe ~  Davies Terminal ~ 07-11-3305 ~ 17:40 GMT
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