Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 11 Jul 3305
Visiting a Thargoidbase - Duval Expedition 10 Jul 3305

The space around Copernicus Observatory was full of ships and the blue shine from Asterope lighted up my cockpit. I was sitting in my Cutter and waited for two commanders bringing
a Thargoid sensor and probe with them. A lot of people say this parts trying to communicate with you if you have them onboard and it was the first time I heard this kind of sound as there
ship passing me and I sent the jump coordinates to all ships here. We had about 15 ships from Diamondbacks to Cutters with several roles but only one target: The Thargoidbase located about 70
Lightyears away from our point. We all heard some strange sound and every commander heard different things. So its more like telepathic communication maybe?.
Our ships alligned and the FSD charged up ready to travel to this facillity of our enemy. It took a little time to arrive all ships there because of the different jump ranges of them.
The Cutter dont have the range of an ASP. We met at the third planet and actived the scanners to find that base at the surface. It took a few seconds and my computer calculated the position
of this base and we dropped out of orbital cruise and glided a long time until we only had 30km left from it.

All ships scanned for other signals and vessels, but nothing to see so we decided to land directly at the side. The only moving objects there were drones swarming at the entrace and some parts of
the outer structures. I activated the landing gear and landed my ship near the entrace of this really huge thing. We dont know what it is, but it is huge and so all ground teams could land close.

Eight ships landed there for the exploration, the others was securing the site from above and inform us if something or someone is comming. I went down the cargo bay and through a little door to the
the SRV. I entered it and activated my life support and checking all systems before detaching it to the sandy ground. I scanned and found an organic structure containing meta alloys. I checked for the others
about my Com and we meet at the entrance to activate the huge door. It was really impressive to see this huge structure from a really close view.

After coming closer the door opened and revealed the dark and scary tunnel. We activated the spotlights and entered this place. There was some wiring at the wall transporting a green substance glowing
at us as we drove deeper in it and we reached a big room with an organic device in the middle of it. We stopped and scanned the room for hostiles, but only a few drones was there flying around like bees.

Three commanders had Thargoid things like probes and sensors on them. Our sciece department told us how to activate the device and so the objects were placeed at the right spots and some kind of energy
hold them in the air after dropping them with an intensive sound coming from inside the machine. We drove a little bit back as the last component was placed and waited for the machine to show us its secret.

It started to glow and doing some processed until the map shows up filling the room with green and white points arranged like a galaxy. But it was not our since it had a really different shape and we took alot of photos and scans from the map to bring them back to our scientists. It would help us understanding the secret of this huge installations. I was really impressed by this phenomen. I never seen something before
and after a few seconds the device shutdown and the map disappeared.

We roamed a time arround to see if we can find some other things there. A commander found a egg shaped thing on the ground. By accident he ran it over and it blasts in a green waste on its window. It looked
organic and was emmiting a green fog like the encounter I had before in Asterope. We also found a little device on the wall in the shape of an interceptor. It was some kind of uplink but we dont had any idea what
to do with this thing. So we headed back to the huge door and leaved the facillity with all this data. I docked my SRV back in the ship and went back to the bridge to activate my thrusters to take off.

We leaved the base and looked a last time at it and took some scans from the surrounding surface. Also a few km away the planet had marks of this massive impact in his ground. Some commanders thought
it was a ship or the queen it self. My personal opinion its the Thargoids are using this bases as nav points to navigate in the witch space. I hope we will find an answer soon. The Thargoids leaved the core systems
but I dont think it was our fault. They plan something big and we have to prepare for everything. So stand together humanity!

The best about this expedition was , we dont lost any ship. So we meet above from the base and jumped back to Asterope for refueling and sending our data. I was so tired at some point, so I thanked all commanders
and went to bed without changing clothes and sleeped for about 12 hours straight. Luckily we dont saw any hyperdiction or any Thargoid on this entire mission. Thank you all for this! We did a great job there.

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