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Yumasai / 10 Jul 3305
CMDR Yumasai's Captain's Log #5: Helping Nova Imperium against Pirates

After returning from the conflict against The Brazilian Trading Company, I had some much needed rest. However, when I woke up, I noticed an incoming transmission was at my ship's bridge. I told my COVAS to play it for me as I did my usual pre-launch checks. The transmission stated: "Auxiliary Commander Yumasai, The Imperator's economy inside the Paresa system is booming. However, we decoded communications that indicate that a lot of pirates have been alerted of our proper economy. As such we would appreciate it if you could assist us in providing security efforts against any potential pirates entering the system and threatening the Imperator's facilities. Dyson City, out."

I realized I was called by Nova Imperium to protect the economy of Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, and as such I wasted no time in setting the Paresa system as destination inside my navigation computer. I was ready to depart, when suddenly my COVAS alerted me: "Bridge lock override, engaged." I turned around and I found two particular Commanders laughing at me, one of them was waving an access chip to my ship's compartment.

I realized this man was none other than Commander Carc0sa, Admiral of the Benelux Commanders. He was accompanied by Commander DutchMaverick, a Colonel of the Benelux Commanders. They noticed I was quite upset by their interruption, and I explained to them that I was about to leave on protect the economy of Nova Imperium in the Paresa system. At first, they looked at eachother, and then back at me. I asked them if anything was up, and they explained that they would like to assist in the pirate protection mission. I told them that it was fine, and that they should strap themselves in as I disengaged the docking clamps and engaged my thrusters. I exited Alexeyev Hub, and soon after the HIP 36485 system, headed towards Paresa.

Once there, I contacted Dyson City, asking which facility to patrol. I was answered that I should head towards the Cooperative Energy Bureau, a large installation vital to the Energy infrastructure within Paresa. I locked it into my navigation computer and I set course for the facility.

Commander Yumasai, setting course for the Cooperative Energy Bureau

After a short while, we arrived on scene. I must say, the installation was rather huge. In order to patrol the facility with more visibility, I told Commanders Carc0sa and DutchMaverick to head down into my hangar bays. Commander DutchMaverick was rather unhappy about this, as he knew what he was going to fly: A XG8 Javelin Guardian Starfighter. However, Commander Carc0sa was unaware of the starfighters I had onboard, and he never had flown in one. As such, once as he had launched after DutchMaverick, he went all wild on the communications: "OH MAN THIS THING IS SO MANOEUVRABLE! I WANT ONE OF THESE THINGS TOO!"

However, as soon as the comms had died down a bit after Commander Carc0sa was too busy pulling quick loops all around my ship, we received a transmission from the installation's director: "Hostile forces detected. Requesting immediate assistance. Is anyone reading us?". I told the director that indeed me and my two starfighters were in the area, and as I said that, I saw multiple ships jump out of supercruise, opening their fire on the installation and it's small security force. We received an alert that Nova Imperium's system security would be in the area soon, but that we had to duke it out on our own.

Soon after, we were under attack by 4 pirate vessels. Commanders DutchMaverick and Carc0sa were overwhelmed and were forced to reboot their telepresence into several of my reserve XG8s, and together we finally managed to take care of the pirates. As we were done with the last one, we noticed that Nova Imperium's own fleet arrived into the area, and opened fire on the pirates. Adopting a support role, we targetted the pirates one by one, until they too received extra reinforcements.

The fighting was intense, I recall I had lost about half of my starfighters already, but then we sighted the two final pirates: Two Anacondas. One of them was busy raiding the installation whilst the other went for me. He deployed some kind of electronical disruption because suddenly I lost the telepresence of both Commander Carc0sa and Commander DutchMaverick. I was to do this one alone, and with courage (as my shields were nearly exhausted, and I was out of heat sinks) I engaged the pirate.

We had a very tough 1 vs 1, as my shields were not as damaged as quickly as his, but his hull was more resistant than mine, so the moment he broke through my shields, he unleashed a rain of missiles and plasma accelerated orbs at my vessel, causing me to suffer near-critical hull damage. I made the pirate feel for it however, as he too was quite damaged. But when I noticed that he had almost knocked out my Frame Shift Drive module, I decided to retract my hardpoints, and placed all my power towards shields and engines. I went as fast as I could, and I activated my FSD whilst under fire. I informed the remainder of Nova Imperium's Security Fleet, and they thanked me for my assistance in the patrol. They said they dealt with the other Anaconda and already were chasing the one that I had damaged, so they would be able to finish the fight.

I landed at the planetary port of Furata Works in the Niali System, repaired, refueled and restocked my ship. I also had bounty vouchers for Nova Imperium due to my assistance in the patrol effort, and as such I picked up some good amount of hard earned Credits. As I docked to rest at the station, I jokingly asked myself if I just discovered Commander Carc0sa's guilty pleasure, since he was very happy about flying the XG8 Javelin Guardian Starfighter.

INV Hadrian's Fist, along with Commanders Carc0sa and DutchMaverick flying in their respective XG8 Javelin Guardian Starfighters as they patrolled the Cooperative Energy Bureau
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