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na1L / 12 Jul 3305
Exploration preparation

12 July 3305

I've been quiet for a while now.
Working on my Anaconda is really exhausting but a lot of fun at the same time.

Did a stint for the Sirius Corporation to find a guy named Marco Qwent.. He puts some serious obstacles in your way and does not like being contacted.

Right now I'm working for the Alioth Independents while getting friendly with the Alliance to get to Bill Turner.
All that's left is to engineer my Life Support so that it's more lightweight for a .6 LY jump increase. I could even get a .8 LY jump increase but that involves a truckload more work and it's just not worth it.

This is my engineering setup:

  • G5 Enhanced Low Power 4D Shield Generator - Stripped Down
  • G5 Expanded Probe Scanning Radius Detailed Surface Scanner
  • G4 Armoured 3A Power Plant - Thermal Spread (G5 is too much work for too little gain)
  • G5 Dirty Drives 5D Thrusters - Drag Drives
  • G5 Increased Range 6A Frame Shift Drive - Mass Manager
  • G5 Engine Focused 4D Power Distributor - Stripped Down
  • G5 Lightweight Sensors
  • G5 Heavy Duty Lightweight Alloy - Deep Plating

With my current modules I'm now sitting at 76.5 LY jump range. Engineering my Life Support to G3 brings me to 77.15.

It was a lot of work over the past few weeks. But I think I'm almost ready to head out for Beagle Point.

Gonna take the Neutron Highway to Colonia, take a look at the new station at Sagitarrius and up we go.

I can't wait to see what's out there.
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16 Jun 3305
Back to business
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