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Mos Superum / 12 Jul 3305
KP TAURI - Turrets -- plural -- as in more than one...

=== BEGIN LOG ===

Here I am -- out of KP Tauri after a little shopping trip. Just me at the moment.

My crewmate, Devon, took some time off for his family after a few days of bounty hunting. I personally think he was a bit terrified after I miscounted the turret count on a megaship shenanigans run.

"Disable megaship turrets..." I need to read the f'ing manual, I guess. Turrets. Plural.

We hit a research megaship through a Fed contract the other day, and -- well -- I disabled A turret. And then wondered why our contractor wouldn't pay.

[imitating the faction rep] "My in system probes indicate that the research vessel's defenses are STILL operational..."

[imitating himself] "Well -- I disabled a turret. You didn't ask for others."

[imitating the faction rep] "In fact, I did. Please review the terms of the contract and complete the task. You're putting your reputation AND the remainder of MY forces at risk."

Blah blah blah -- by this time, Devon was asking if we could disable the other turrets BECAUSE they were tearing us up. I kinda forgot to pull away from the research vessel while I had the little tit for tat with the faction rep. So -- I blew up more turrets -- PLURAL.

We got our payout and earned some creds, but -- Devon needed a break. Hope he's gonna come back. I like his fighter skills.

In the meantime -- I'm taking a look around this Diamondback Scout that I snagged in KP Tauri. Devon and I both need railguns training as a possible avenue for resolving that horrible Federation Gunship purchase. I like the hardware so far.

However, I do NOT like the cockpit. It's a bit -- exposed. Like sitting on can in a wall-less public toilet -- except the toilet has a reactor and drive cone attached to it. It'll have to do. I need the training.

Now -- if I can just remember that railguns -- PLURAL -- mean I'm going to be dealing with heat -- lots of it. Let's go bounty hunting...

COVAS -- end log...

=== END LOG ===
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