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ViaraiX / 12 Jul 3305
A suspicous rest

Personal log 12th July 3305

Things are quiet, too quiet. In fact it is so quiet I am making a personal log, I have never had time to make personal logs, sure I do the necessary mission logs as required but what is there to talk about in a personal log when you are trying to fight for the survival of the bubble.

I should introduce myself as this is my first log, I am a Lieutenant in Nexus Union, a mixed bunch of commanders from all other the core systems banded together by a brotherhood that is only found in the black. I have been working tirelessly defending against the Thargoid invasion in the bubble, my trusty T10 Churchill is named after an old Earth legend who imparted the wisdom of never surrendering however bleak things look and things have been bleak recently.

The attacks have been continuous, almost like clockwork. No matter how hard we fight back they would come at us again. According to my codex I have personally killed thousands of Thargoid scum and have fought alongside commanders who have killed many many more, yet there was never any sight of a victory. No sooner had we cleared a system they would attack another. Countless stations have been attacked with a staggering loss of life. I have helped where I can, rescuing survivors from these stations in-between bloody conflicts, the screams of innocent civilians still haunt me every time I close my eyes.

Amongst this all I had to retreat for the past few days, a hostile faction attempted to take control of a Nexus Union outpost, this erupted into war sending me from one conflict to another. Needless to say we were victorious in this conflict pushing this faction out of the system completely and liberated a station they had control over. After the officers debrief I spent that night at Clement Silo, a true home away from home. Most people think of outposts as a small dingy place made up of a few boring buildings with a couple of landing pads bolted on, this is not the case here. Clement Silo is a bustling military hub, a large city which never sleeps and enough landing pads for the largest of fleets.

I left early the following morning making the short journey to our home station to pick up my T10, galnet showed reports of more station attacks by the Thargoids so I set off ready to get back to war. As soon as I dropped out of hyperspace things were not right, well actually they were right but that's not right... I mean there was no conflict. A station in the distance sat burning with rescue vessels frantically running evacuees to the rescue megaship but the war fleet was silent. Hundreds of warships from all across the galaxy floating in space but not burning surrounded by debris as was the normal scene greeting you at the epicentre of Thargoid attacks.

The coms channels were a hive of activity and then came the big announcement, "The Thargoids have withdrawn". The coms went into meltdown with cheers of "We have pushed them back" and "The war is won", so I turned around and headed back to my home station. I expected it to be a mistake or a Thargoid trick, that I would be back into combat before my Fujin tea was cold but here I am over 36 hours later sitting in the cockpit while docked chatting to myself in the form of this log.

I should be thankful, this respite gives me a chance to catch up on other tasks, I have a personal fleet which needs a full maintenance run and retrofitting, most repairs of recent have been duct taping wires back together in-between barrages of weapon fire. But I know this will not last, we have not pushed the Thargoids back and the war is far from over. Something is coming, something that will make the previous conflicts look like a relaxing SRV drive over Europa.

I do not know how long we have but we cannot relax, the moment we relax is the moment we surrender the core systems. I will be ready for their return and I say to all commanders wherever you are from, whoever you fight alongside, we are human and we will not surrender to the Thargoid scum. The only good bug is a dead bug.
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CMDR ViaraiX
Explorer / Thargoid hunter
12 Jul 3305
A suspicous rest
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