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Nf442 / 14 Jul 3305
It Is Beginning

So I met with Kathryn.

I have known her for some time. Not only is she an accomplished Exogeologist, but her work in several theologian subjects helped many groups of people find validation in their beliefs within the galactic community. Author of about a dozen books, "Playing In Fountains: A Study of Planetary Geysers", "Of Lies and Men" , "Manufactured Idiocy: How Corporations Mislead .

Just to name a few. Needless to say, I respect her opinion. So, when she came to me with not only a request to join my crew, but a few "recommendations", I felt I should hear her out.

During her wide travels she apparently learned a thing or two about exploration ships. On her recommendation, I removed our defensive armaments (bye bye beam laser), and make a few adjustments to the core modules of the ship. We also downsized the crew count from 68 to 27

We're looking at about a 60ly range right now. Doc thinks that's more than enough, considering once we get out into the black we'll be making shorter, more economical jumps to visit systems who have hopefully never been visited before, or at least visited by the right people.

I can't wait much longer, 60 is fine with me unless we can upgrade it fast and cheap. The crew is already onboard. We start our voyage tonight. No later.

Kathryn will be joining my bridge crew, serving as both Chief Geologist and unofficial philosopher. She brought a friend with her, Copper Datgan who possess a high level of suspicion and expertise in conspiracy theories, who will be serving as the ship's psychologist. Somehow.

We also have Knox, who won't tell us his last name but did tell us he had a degree in Astrophysics, who came aboard to serve as our Chief Scientist, should we encounter anything scientifically interesting out in the unexplored reaches of space.

Plus we have a few engineers and propulsion technicians, as well as a sensors management officer, fighter pilot, and best of all; a chef/bartender named Lucy who gets an amazing view from her spot in the frontal lounge. Which she's named Paradise.

Everyone seems to get along fine. Maybe with a few friends out there I won't succumb to space madness. Hahaha!

Do you like it?

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