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Korz / 15 Jul 3305
And then she's deadly

I earn my audience with Marco Qwent. I work with him on a couple of simple grade one upgrade to my trusty Asp X. Then I jump home to Diaguandri to retrieve the basically useless Vulture.

As former FSS I am very fond of Core Dynamics products but the Vulture is so under-powered. I take the lame bird on its ten jump run to Sirius and set down on pad 1 and shut down all my systems as I am taken into the hangar. Over the next few hours Marco and his technicians tweak my power plant until it is putting out more power than I need.

I thank Mr Qwent and head off over the rim of the crater. I clear his exclusion zone and deploy my weapons, shields are on and at full charge, all three engineered shield boosters are running as is every module in the ship. I select my big class 3 beam laser and put all pips to weapons. I pull the trigger and the mighty beam laser fires, and fires and fires and the distributor never budges, I've worked this right, I can hold that destructive power on and not let up.

I plot my course back to Ray Gateway and begin my jumps. I find a high risk resource extraction site and jump in. I take a few moments to look around and pick my first bounty.

Its a Cobra MK III and it's rated as a master combat pilot so I am supposedly out of my league according to the pilots federation.

I down his shields and hull quickly. He never gets a shot off on me.

I take a minute to collect some of his materials, and then pick another target. Turns out this one is in a wing of three, I should leave them alone. But they attack a transport right in front of me so I engage. They all turn on me the moment I attack the first one, I splash him quickly but am taking some hits to the shield. The FSS arrives to help out as I drop the second one. As I am engaging the third one a FSS Assault ship gets in between me and my prey.

He takes a full hit of my bean laser and multi cannon at once. He doesn't take kindly to that and blames me for him getting in the way of my fire, he turns the weapons of his python on me and had all of his teammates join him, I retract hard points and boost away as the whole team unloads on me. I can't jump, mass lock of 23 and I'm not thinking about a system jump. They take my shields down but I maneuver and boost until I can engage my super cruise.

I make it out with 71% of my hull still in tact, she 's a real tank.

I jump into another system and find a nice port to land at. I have the damage repaired and pay the 400 credit bounty they put on me. But I also cashed in over 340,000 worth of bounty vouchers so they were ok with the misunderstanding.

I head towards home and find another good bounty hunting area and set about it again. This time I am more careful not to accidentally hit the system guys.

I work through another 6 or so ships and then decide to head home. This was just a test after all.

The trip to Marco's was time well spent. She will continue to have the engineers sharpen her talons until she is the best she can be.

But already she is one deadly ship.
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