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X Harlon Nayl X / 15 Jul 3305
The Dark

Logbook Entry #8

After Beagle Point.....after Beagle Point.... Nobody mentions the return. The overwhelming fatigue and loneliness. The constant DARKNESS. The void receding behind to be replaced with more and more void. "FRAME SHIFT DRIVE CHARGING" was becoming so annoying I reprogrammed the firmware to ignore the warning all together, I stuck a note on the console to remind me to switch it back on once back in the bubble (I lost all recent Logs due to my unqualified tampering)... There are 1247 screws in the cockpit. My head hurts.

I have begun tinkering. The Cargo bay scoop has been malfunctioning along with other more serious modules, I have been recording my notes and then playing them back to try to gain some form of human interaction, it seems to help...but then maybe I am feeding the madness.

I lost my wingman months ago now, after the turn coat tried to strangle me in my sleep I crushed his skull and sent him out of the airlock still choking on vital fluids. He was my brother..... The man I had first made contact to MCRN with.... He claimed to have been my Brother once I was returned to Civilian Space after being recovered. Was that all a Lie? Was I a fool for thinking him family? He's gone now, adrift in the void in his eternal frozen coffin.

Now, alone for months and 25000 lyrs from the closest human....maybe I should have followed him.

The only thing keeping me alive is my faith. And my Ship.

Do you like it?

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CMDR X Harlon Nayl X
Mercenary / Vigilante
15 Jul 3305
The Dark
X Harlon Nayl X
25 Jun 3304
The Rift
X Harlon Nayl X
05 Jun 3304
Back into it.
X Harlon Nayl X
26 May 3304
Mobius Colonial Republic Navy continued
X Harlon Nayl X
14 May 3304
Mobius Colonial Republic Navy
X Harlon Nayl X
12 May 3304
New Horizons
X Harlon Nayl X
10 May 3304
Civil War support change.
X Harlon Nayl X
09 May 3304
Hephaestus Civil War
X Harlon Nayl X
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