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Vypa789 / 15 Jul 3305
The Beacon held a Key?

*** 15/July/3305 1246***
***Location***NGC 2451A LX-U D2-25***
***Voice Transcription***

Commanders Log

After investigating the beams of light being emitted by the pillars it seems they require an energy input of some kind like a direct input. I fired the beam lasers on he fighter at the the source of the light for a few seconds, and something started moving as like it was being charged.

I returned back to my ship and deployed my hard points and fired lasers at the energy input charged the first pillar. As the first pillar was charged there was a huge bolt of electricity that bridged the gape between the pillar and the main structure.

There also was a count down timer shown in front of me with a message displaying “guardian security measures initialised.” I got my ass into gear and went around to the over two pillars and charged both of them. And as the same with the first on huge bolts of electricity jumped between the pillars and the main structure.

But then the Beacon started to come to life and opened up to reveal a ball like object that was huge. And with curiosity and a sense o wonder I slow approached the orb till I was in scanning range and scanned it and the computer in the ship started to decrypt the data that was held in the orb. .

Directly after being scanned the orb started to “pack itself up” and the Beacon started to follow suit. Fearing my ship might get caught up in it I put all pips into engines and gunned it in revere.

After clearing a safe distance I watched as the structure closed up and to see four bright lights come from the top of the Beacon, but the one in the dead middle started to float away so I locked on to it and from my ships screen read was “Ancient Key” it was a key inside the beacon, but where does it go? I deployed my ships cargo scoop and scooped the the key. I have a feeling that when my computer finishes the decryption it will show me where this key goes.

End Log.
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CMDR Vypa789
Renegade / Space cowboy
15 Jul 3305
The Beacon held a Key?
15 Jul 3305
Guardian Beacon
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