Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 15 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval travels to Kaiakul to support the expansion

Today I woke up on Emerald, the terraformed moon in the Cemiess system. Since AEGIS confirmed meta alloys in the witch head we did everything to be the strongest force there.
I ate some breakfast and went to my Cutter standing ready at my personal pad in the middle of the city. Usually military vessels like Cutter or Clipper are not allowed
in the atmosphere, the royal family and senators have special permissions to land. I went to the cockpit and checked all system befor the thrusters activated and the ship headed to space.

I would meet my fleet at Mackenzie, a starport orbiting about my moon. There were a lot of ships waiting for my presence, most of them was T9 transporters and some Cutters. I hailed them and
told them we are ready for the jump to Kaiakul. I activated the FSD and we jump direct to the System controlled by Arissa L. Duval. The systemscan shows a lot ships from Eagles to Cutters and we decided
to fly close to each other because we dont wanted to lose a ship. After a while two ships approached our position and the scans revealed it was a Mamba and a Vulture with deployed hardpoints.

I decided to fight them and a few Cutters deployed fighters and my Cutter was deploying it hardpoints. A few seconds later the massive lasers and cannons activates. The attackers doesnt respond to our warnings
and opened fire to our ships trying to weaken our shield. They also started hatchbreaker drones and so my pulse laser turrets turns this drones with a few shots to scrap. I choose to attack the vulture first, and after targeting it my turrets hits his shield a lot of time after he went out of range. My finger pressed hard on the small button on my joystick and we booster to follow him. The Laser was in range and with a short burst the shield was gone from the enemy revealing his hull. Some shells from the canonn hitted his thrusters and disabled it making him stranded in the deep space.

I turned my Cutter slowly and facing the mamba, which was really fast and evasive. The fighters tried to catch him, but he was to fast and the hitted him only a couple times on his shield.
He turned around and coming fast toward me. With four pip in Sys the shields are very strong and so a lot of his salvos and bullets hitted me. I targetet his front side and a huge blue beam shoots
on his shield, destroyed its and a few seconds later his ship turned in a huge fireball. The other Cutter commanded by Emily Chambers took some scratches, but nothing to worry about.

The Vulture was unable to fly and was without any life support. We hailed him and he responded to us with the wish to surrender. Emily told me she would kill him rather than taking him under arrest.
But I though we could learn something from him and so I decided to spare his life and he was arrested by the system guards. We arrived a few hours later at the Station and brought a lot superconductors
for the witch head expansion. I landed safely and wrote a report for tht Imperial flight operation office.

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