Logbook entry

Yumasai / 15 Jul 3305
CMDR Yumasai's Captain's Log #6: New Fighters & Anti-Pirate Duties

Just got back to the bridge, as my Bridge Officer told me that after evaluations from earlier conflicts, the XG8 Javelin Guardian Starfighter was not performing to desired standards, often missing it's mark and instead hitting neutrals or even friendlies. I asked him what the reason was why I was so suddenly called to the bridge. My bridge officer pointed to the right, and as I turned my head, I saw two brand new Gu-97 Imperial Starfighters. "Gifts from Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval from Nova Imperium, as he received your analysis and figured this was a good way to return the favor for the assistance you have given him lately, Captain", said the Bridge Officer. Before I could ask about the weaponry, since the XG8s had inaccurate "plasma shotguns", my Bridge Officer told me that they were equipped with 2x fixed plasma repeaters, which would mean that any skilled pilot in them would make alot of trouble for whatever it had as a target. I was satisfied, now knowing that I had better performing starfighters.

However, the next day, it became known that our system of HIP 36485 was under pirate attack, and that made our available resources rather low as our usual traders were intercepted. As such, our primary station offered good prices for all kinds of goods, which attracted a lot of traffic. Where normally we receive between 5 to 20 ships a day, we suddenly were dealing with 100 - 200 ships. And whilst most of them were perfectly obeying station regulations, some decided to reply to hails from our Security Chief. This prompted a partial increase in surveilance, as we now were checking the entry / exit to the starport for any illegal shipping.

I personally did not find any illegal ships entering or departing the station, however, we received reports that several members of the Security Service were making progress in wiping out any present illegal ships. I guess, we did what we could...

However, after a while, I decided to embark to reports from a nearby resource extraction zone. System Security had alerted me that no reinforcements were available, as the surveilance and shiplane protection required all their resources during the pirate attack state. I sat down in my command chair, but as I checked the scanners, I could not find anything. So instead, I enjoyed the view a for a moment as I drank a cup of fine Matcha tea. Not all the wonders are gone from the universe, it seems.

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