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Tenescio / 16 Jul 3305
Update at Fort Klarix

Talk about success with the Gallus. The exploration data I sold from that little hauler got me into the cockpit of the famed Asp Explorer! I named it the Lapis Lazuli: my first mining vessel. I thought about buying a Keelback, but they weren't selling them at the station, and after researching the specifications for both ships, I realized that the Asp's larger price meant more optional internal utilities -- like more collection limpet controllers and such. Further research indicates that if I keep saving the credits I get from mining in this thing, I can sell it for a Python for dedicated mining.

I already went deep into an icy ring belt for void opals. I can't even remember the system -- I keep plotting courses on a vast nomadic trek across the bubble. When I finally settle down and buy an office/apartment at a station, I'm going to have to blow my credits on massive shipping costs from where-ever I've left the old Vindicta and Gallus. Selling the opals got me loads of cash though, so it shouldn't be an issue. If I keep this up, it won't be a problem to get myself a ship kitted out for a long-range trips beyond the bubble. I mean, BEYOND. I am thinking Sagittarius A* for the first voyage, and then Beacon Point for the second. Scan everything between here and that end of the galaxy? No doubt I will get promoted to Elite by the Pilot's Federation for exploration. Dad will be glad to hear I'm mining, at least somewhat, but it will kill mom if she finds out I'm planning on going into deep space.

They're both kind of superstitious about the furthest reaches of the black, come to think of it. Though, with whats on the news lately, maybe they've a right.

Either way, business is good, money is being made, and I'm finally going places. Often literally! Such a change of place from being stuck on a single station for five years at a time.
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