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Korz / 16 Jul 3305

I take my seat in my Vulter the "Tempest" and have Astra run though the system checks. Taking her out for some dedicated bounty hunting just one system away. I am in a serious state of mind, though you wouldn't know that if you didn't know me well. I sip my coffee as the checks are completed and I plot the one jump over to Balante.

Headed back to the surface, all systems green, shields and boosters are good, multi cannon is fully loaded. I give a quick visual to all modules one more time and then request clearance to leave. The nimble ship jumps off of the pad and we are headed for the exit.

The ship clears the station and the exclusion zone and I have Astra make the jump to Balante. I arrive at the nav beacon and take account of the ships in the area. I start to scan the nearest ship, they are good to go, Then a type 7, those are always good, oh except this one isn't. Wanted in this system and in a slow mover. I line up right behind him and make quick work of his shields though his hull takes a while as that thing is a tank. Doesn't feel very sporting but he had a bounty, now in his escape pod the system authorities will make sure it gets taken care of.

I pick my targets carefully, but not hesitating just because someone is labeled as Deadly or Dangerous, I work though various types of ships, Cobra's , Vipers a few Krait Phantoms, 1 Anaconda. The "Tempest" worked through them all. I assist the FSS on several wanted ships and they assist me from time to time.

A couple of the fights are against wings of 3 ships and that turns into quite the dogfight, or "furball" as the fighter pilots call it. Those are the most intense, I am working on a Krait when an Eagle opens fire on me from behind, I finish off the Krait before the Eagle can get through the outer ring of my shields and then turn my full and undivided attention to his ship. He lasts less than one pass and explodes right in front of me.

I get notification from the Pilots Federation that I have been grated the title of Novice in combat and at that point I have been here for a bit so I have Astra retract the weapons and go to super-cruise headed towards LaPlace Ring, the only station in the system.

I arrive and dock without issue and head off to the local authority office, I cash in a cool 1.3 million credits in bounties and then head off to have some lunch.

As I make my way back to the docks, one of the ships technicians tells me he found a kitten roaming the hangar just after I landed. He has it in a box and wants to know if I would help him with it. I take the kitten to the nearest vets office and have her checked out. The vet says she is about 7 weeks old and hasn't had an ID chip installed so no way to know where she came from. I have the vet install a chip and I officially adopt her. She will be my new companion.

I buy her supplies of food and a zero G litter box, little kitten mag booties so she doesn't float all over the place and we head back to the hangar.

I load her up into the cockpit of the Vulture and she seems to like it, not hesitating at all to explore and walk around the small bridge. I set up her box and a bed back in the cabin and she wanders the small ship getting to know it quickly.

She is a beautiful, white to light gray with striking black stripes, I bought her a collar with built in tracking and and a bell. She is playing with the bell in her new bed and seems as happy as she can be.

I head up to the cockpit and prepare to head back home to Diaguandri and she follows me up there, She curls up next to my seat on the floor so I pick her up and put her in my lap. We start out departure and the sudden loss of gravity has her seaming to be concerned. I slowly make our way out of the station and then set her on the floor so that she can get used to using the mag booties she is wearing. The look on her face is precious. I pick her back up and we jump to our home system. I make my way to Ray Gateway and take my new companion down to our apartment. I order more beds and a regular litter box and toys and food and scratching posts and have it all delivered to our place and she is a little more apprehensive about exploring the apartment as it is a lot bigger than the cabins on the Vulture.

I get supplies dropped off to all of my ships so that she can go with me no matter which ship I am in. She will be my constant companion. I name her "Bella" as I really like that name.

We set off for a quick trip in the Cobra MkIII as I want her to be used to regular space flight. She settles into the Cobra quickly as she seems to like spacecraft. We head off on a quick 15 jump circular run doing some basic exploration. She is enjoying the flying much more that I thought she would, though I am having a hard time adjusting to seeing a kitten walking up the walls and across the ceiling!! I guess we as humans just don't think about that, but the cat never though about it the way we do.

We return home after our quick trip and while selling the data, I get informed that I am now a Pathfinder for exploration. Bella struts off the ship like she owns the place, I pick her up and we head back to the apartment. We have dinner and then settle in for the night, she is curled up on the bed right next to my face, she is purring gently and seems to be liking her new found life. This should be fun having her with me.
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