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Elderrook / 16 Jul 3305
A Real Kick in the Asp.

My time in the Shinrarta Dezhra system was well spent. It's amazing how much you can do with sub-sytems these days. Lori was an excellent host, and I wanted for nothing while I was at Jameson base, including good company. I hadn't expected things to go quite the way they did, but I'll be looking forward to returning there again. Such a lovely lady.

The time spent with her, as well as Felicity Farseer, have caused me to rethink my immediate plans. So to that end I took the first step to realising my dream today. I placed an order with Lakon Spaceways for a custom Asp-class explorer vessel. I suppose everyone who has ever flown beyond their planetary boundary has shared the dream of just leaving everything behind and flying off into the unknown black. For me, it's going to happen.

It comes with a powerfully upgraded frame shift drive and a host of other specialized equipment. I've chosen the name Leif Erikson after an old Earth explorer of Scandinavian lineage. As impressive as the Asp is, I believe it can be better. Thanks to the lessons of the Engineers, I plan to make a few modifications of my own.

The Frame Shift Drive will be enhanced beyond even the rather impressive factory specs. They have to abide by safety regulations that are a little too restrictive. I'm also going to be lightening the entire structure considerably, which will allow me to utilize a much smaller thruster system. Being one of the heavier components, this will produce extremely favorable changes in the overall mass of the ship. Secondary systems will also be modified for decreased mass. Some redundant systems will be removed entirely.

There are a few areas that I won't be taking any chances, however. The sensor suite and surface scanning equipment as well as the optical system scanner will be used heavily as key parts of an exploration mission, so absolutely no shortcuts there. I'm also adding a fully automated repair system with exterior repair drones. I'll be replacing the standard Fuel Scoop and fuel refinery with an alpha grade class six system. That's the biggest the Asp can use and will cost more than three times what the rest of the ship costs. I think it's worth it.

I can hardly wait to get underway. I'm appointing one of my veteran commanders to oversee operations until I return.

-  -  -  -

It's been some time since I've been able to make an entry here. Things did not go off without a hitch as I'd hoped. In fact, I'm lucky to be alive at all.

I suffered a near catastrophic failure about three thousand light years spinward from Sol. While attempting a landing on an undiscovered world with higher than expected gravity, I forgot to account for the reduced thrust of the lighter thrusters while calculating the landing approach angle. It wasn't until I was within five klicks of touchdown that I saw the mistake. I managed to keep from cratering into the surface, but only barely. The resulting 'landing' nearly destroyed the Leif Erikson. I was able to make repairs by salvaging a few other components aboard the ship and managed to limp home. It was a valuable lesson.

-  -  -  -

Imperial Intelligence Service
>>Eyes Only<<
>>Top Secret<<

Movement report for Subject (Code Name) Wayward Son

As indicated by unnamed source, Wayward Son was observed taking passage on liner 'Majestic Dream' to the Shinrarta Dezhra system where he disembarked on Founder's World. He was met by a steward who escorted him to a Dolphin transport which then traveled to a privately owned base on planetary body A1 in the same system.

At that time Wayward Son was unable to be reliably observed for the following twelve days. The volume of traffic at this facility, which broadcasts an identity of 'Jameson Base', prevented me from ascertaining whether Wayward Son remained at this location for the entire duration of that time.

Wayward Son was next seen arriving at i Sola Prospect in the Brestla system. This coincides with a Type-6 Transport arriving at the same location with a registered owner as one Lori Jameson of Shinrarta Dezhra. I consider it a high probability that Wayward Son was returned to his residence via this vehicle.

It is my opinion that we continue to monitor Wayward Son as we have been doing since his entry into the civilian sector. Continued use of the asset is not recommended unless the completion of any further activities of the asset would end in termination.

Speculation: I believe that Wayward Son collaborated with Lori Jameson, who we believe to be a member of 'the Engineers', with the pretense of taking a vacation. At this time, I've been unsuccessful in infiltrating Jameson Base. Considering the number of agents lost attempting to do so, I'm hesitant to make additional attempts. Perhaps we should consider bringing Wayward Son in for aggressive debriefing.

Agent Flayblade reporting.
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