Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 16 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval meets Hera Tani

A few weeks ago, a women named Hera Tani from Kuwemaki wrote me a messager she would like to visit me to improve my ships power systems. We agreed to visit us and I heard she loves Kamitra Cigars.
I ordered a couple of these as reward for her work and started my FSD for this 200 LY travel. Some jumps later we arrived at her System and the supercruise assitent guided us to her planet. Her base is called
The Jet's Hole and she helps a lot of Imperial Citizens with their power problems and she is known as the best engineer for this systems.

I arrived and her base was on the night side of the planet and only a few lights guided the way to this installation. I hailed her landing system and got my landing destination. A few moments later and the
autopilot landed the ship safely at the ground. I stayed in my flightsuit and entered the airlock to enter her base. I looked over the landing pad and at the end a tall women waves at me and I walked towards her.

With a smile I engaged her and we shaked our hands. She showed me her base and we ate some together she had extra cooked. It was really tasty and I was glad to have some good food far from home.
After that I showed her my Cutter and we talked about my power consumption. Since Lei Cheung improved my shields it was significant higher than before. Sometimes the light flickered a bit during weapons usage.
We went to the powerplant and she started to read sensor datas on the terminal and disassembled the entire system to build it up with better components. It tooks her five hours until she was done. She improved
my powerplant by 40% and the heat generation by 10%. A really great job and I was glad to have her on our side. People like her made the difference between two ships. I showed her my present and she was really
happy about this since its rare to get them so far away from Kamitra. We sat on the bridge and drank a glass of wine during watching the stars. Later she left my ship and I activated the autopilot to depart the Jet's Hole.
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