Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 17 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval visits her cousin Hadrian Augustus Duval

It was a cold night on Emerald, the terraformed moon at Cemiess. I woke up early and went to the bathroom to make myself ready for this important meeting. Hadrian leads the Nova Imperium, a group who
is not tolerated by Emperor Arissa Duval. Kaeso Mordanticus tried with my Cousin to get the throne and after his claim the Emperor executed Mordanticus and started to purge the Imperium until they was to
weak to stand a chance against her. Recently I agreed a non agression pact with Nova Imperium because this internal conflicts had to stop. We have other threats to fight and I dont want to kill me own people
and I think my cousin has some good motives but he is young and has to learn a lot.

After my personal escort arrived I entered my Cutter and started the Engines to check all fuctions and systems. We started to the orbit and took our positions for the jump to Paresa, the main system of Nova.
I charged my FSD and a few moments later we entered the hyperspace. Some moments later we arrived at Paresa and I scanned the entire system for enemys. The scan does not show anything hostile and we
headed to a coriolis starport with the name Dyson City. After the landing permission my escort checkes the station for hostiles and then we proceded for landing. I activated the autopilot and went to the bath
for some makeup. Softly the ship landed on the pad and engaged the airlock with its huge stair-ramp extending.

I entered the long stair and at the end of the pad, a tall young man stands with a lot of guards surrounding him. They all weared the same armor and weapons and dont made any eyecontact with me and.
With slow steps I came closer to him and smiled a bit. I did not saw him for a long time and it was so good to see him alive. I greeted him and we walked to his personal office located at the middle of the station.
He had some acient relics and pictures from fights and ships on his wall. All people call him Imperator there, the same title than Arissa L. Duval uses. He offered me a drink and something to eat, the man claimed
to be the Emperor had also some softskills with diplomacy. I told him that we have to stay in contact to sustain the non aggression pact.

He told me that a lot of independant forces support Nova Imperium and want to help him to get back the old strenght. I also heard a lot about this and warned him to stay under the radar for a longer time.
If Arissa would see his power comes stronger, she would not wait to conquer all his systems. The last we need is a internal conflict weakening us and then the Thargoids have it easy to invade us. His fleet is filled
with all classes of ships. Also some federal commanders helped him with his plan to bring back Nova. It's not easy to talk with him about Arissa, because he hate her so much that her name alone makes him angry.

I decided to talk about other things, like the fact that we have to work on a permanent solution for this problem here. I know that senator Torval call me a Traitor only for visiting him and also my aunt would not
be happy about this, but I take that risk because Hadrian is young and has to prove that he is ready for that galactic powerplay. Later we had dinner together and talked about old memories before we had to lead
a lof of people. Finally I wanted to state that I'm not the enemy and my plan is to help him in the future, but it has to wait until Arissa is ready to have diplomatic talk with Nova. So long Hadrian has to be a royal
family member in exile. After the dinner I headed back to the ship and his guards made a line to my ship. I entered the cockpit and started to fly back to Cemiess to sleep.

Hadrian: https://inara.cz/cmdr/162550/
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