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Timeline101 / 17 Jul 3305
Diabak News Article

CMDR Timeline101 crowned “Pit Viper”
Sunday, 28-4-3305

It was the darkest of nights over Bridge’s Survey, and LSR’s Viper Pit Finals had come to a close. CMDR Virtus Vrtra and Timeline101 had been locked in a grueling battle to claim the title of “Pit Viper,” with Timeline101 coming out on top. These fierce competitors had fought tooth and nail against 6 other CMDRs during this two part Battle Royale.

Virtus Vrtra didn’t go down without a fight. Having spent all of his time in LSR’s Task Force 13, he was no stranger to 1 on 1 combat. His biggest downfall was the use of the temperamental Enhanced Performance Thrusters. When asked about his ship’s performance in the fight he stated: “I didn’t anticipate the added heat [from the incendiary rounds] planet side.” Even though his Viper was burning itself alive from the inside, the brave CMDR told us he just had to “create calm” and “let the training take over.” The event nearly cost him his life.

The meticulous nature of CMDR Timeline101 clearly paid off in this fight and the balance of offensive and defensive capabilities made her ship extremely resilient. When asked about her build CMDR Timeline101 said "I had to use all of my engineering access, experience and knowledge to build a ship with extreme versatility".

The large crowd at the event were treated to a dazzling light show of thruster trails, muzzle flare and tracer rounds throughout the epic duel. The Governor of LSR, Dorian Lawrence stated "the piloting skills and tactics of the two commanders were a joy to watch, it makes me proud to represent LSR" The Governor went on to say that the event had been televised live to all Diabak citizens.

When asked how she'd felt after the win CMDR Timeline101 responded "I was chuffed to bits to have taken the win against such accomplished pilots not to mention quite over whelmed. It’ll take some time to sink in but the achievement has given me the confidence to learn more from those willing to teach".

The after party held in the main Bridges Survey concourse lasted well into the early hours with thousands in attendance. CMDR Timeline101 and Virtus Vrtra were seen laughing and joking together for much of the party where both shared stories of the competition and their lives with anyone who cared to listen.

It's safe to say that there will be a lot of sore heads tomorrow, so for now this is Diabak News signing off.

Co-written by Cmdr Timeline101 and Cmdr Virtus Vrtra.
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CMDR Timeline101
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17 Jul 3305
Diabak News Article
14 Jul 3305
The Viper Pit Tournament
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