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Worldbuilder92 / 13 Feb 3306
Entry 12: Release

cowards, COWARDS!
Mewling, whining, quivvering babes,
they fled and left me be...
But now they flock and rush to dock,
and I may now be free~!


Entry 12:
Current System:  Dromi
7mo post-Gnosis

Hard to believe that little limerick up there was something I wrote... I almost feel ashamed for having stooped that low.

So yeah, it's been a long time since I last wrote one of these.  I figure it's best to update y'all who were following me; no, I haven't gone crazy... well, I mean, I did... kinda.
I've been staying for the past several months in a psychiatric ward after the Gnosis returned to the Bubble.  The docs there have been helping me get back to normal; apparently, a mixture of being so far away from civilized space with little human contact, the cramped confines of the Locust's cockpit, and apparently high stress levels in general sent me into kind of a... ionno, psychiatric break of some kind?
I mean, I wasn't all axe-crazy or anything... at least, I don't think I was...
...anyway, I managed to find my way back to Carthage, and the docs there managed to help me readjust and get back to a functional state.  I was released a few weeks ago, and have been taking classes to get myself back to flying like before.  I've recently reacquired my licence, and now am the proud owner of a Sidewinder which I have named the Junebug, after my old Asp Explorer.
Shame that all of my ships and earnings were reclaimed after I was put in the asylum... now I have to build everything back up...

Where was I...?

Oh, right.  SO!  I've been following the news while in recovery; still kinda sour that the new SRV models haven't been released yet, but... meh, what'd you expect, eh?  It has come to my attention, though, that alot of development has been occurring around the Coriolis station towards the inner rim.  Some of the docs have been calling it "the next frontier".  And that... admittedly, has gotten me excited.  I don't plan on staying out on my own, of course, but I can see a future for myself as a frontier trader/explorer.  First order of business, though, is reorganizing myself and rebuilding what I lost.
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