Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 19 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval visits Polaris Initiative

Today I got an invite from a friend of mine, Emily Chambers. She wanted me to visit her faction and inspect the AX ships there. Since the Thargoids came back to Pleiades and more important
Professor Palin is missing, we had to do something. Since Polaris is a faction welcoming every commander, dont care about his allegiance. It was a rainy day on Emerald, I headed fast to my ship
and started to jump to the home system of Polaris. A few jumps later, I arrived and activated my supercruise assistant to follow Emily to the Starport. A few minutes later we dropped and the large coriolis starport
was in front of us.

There were some pilots to greet me. A very rare thing was this Federal Corvette, the most time I see this ships only with deployed hardpoints. But this time there was a friendly CMDR Theo Holliday.
I landed my ship safely and went out of the airlock to see Emily. She was a little bit taller than me and I smiled as she stand there. She headed to me and hugged me. Since she was a friend of mine, she
see me as a friend and not the Imperial princess. We walked to her office to talk about the actual situation. Professor Palin did a lot for humanity and we owed him a lot. Since his ship was attacked after
evacuating his research base, we dont know if he is still alive. Another great problem is, that defending the Pleiades is hard, because a lot of pirates are there and trying to doom the humanity by killing
innocent AX hunter ships. This behavior is really weird.. when Thargoids invade the bubble, these pirates will lose stations and systems too.

Emily ordered some task forces went to the Thargoid invaded system to support the CMDR's fighting for all of us. She also killed a lot of them and is close to her tripple Pilots Federation Elite rank.
She invited me to dinner and we ate some food and talked about our past. She is born on Emerald like me and sh supported my anti slavery campaign. Later I showed her my new systems on my Cutter
and told her she has to visit Lei Cheung, he did a great job. It was late so we decided to go to bed and fly to the Pleiades tomorrow.

Polaris: https://inara.cz/squadron/5602/
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