Logbook entry

Yumasai / 20 Jul 3305
CMDR Yumasai's Captain's Log #8: A day of 'roids

After the recent battle in Yupini, I rested a bit inside Dyson City, Paresa. I woke up and as usual, checked the GalNet for any news. I was shocked to discover that Professor Palin's facility had been evacuated following the return of the Thargoids. I knew that I need Palin as a reasonably close thruster engineer, so as his services were now unavailable, I was quite saddened. However, this also led me to think about the state of INV Hadrian's Fist. In particular, it's shielding. It currently has the default shield, but I want to put a prismatic on it. So, I ran some calculations and figured out that an Imperial Cutter would serve me best in hauling the required merits. But, I needed to pay for the cutter, it's cargo kit, the prismatic itself, and, most importantly, have enough credits left for the rebuy in the end. I found out that I had alot of work to do, given the lack of credits.

I quickly departed the Paresa System, wishing the members of the Nova Navy success with the remainder of the Second Yupini War. I set course back to HIP 36485, where I had stashed INV Excavator amongst all my other ships. Excavator boasts some impressive mining gear, but, it is essentially a dedicated "asteroid-cracker": It can only deep-core mine. But, that was my plan to begin with. I was going to look for void opals, which sell for 1,6 million credits if you look good enough on the galactic markets.

At Alexeyev Hub in HIP 36485, I came across a rather fresh Commander, CMDR Gamingjob, who had distinguished himself as a proper miner, and acquired a name for himself as one of Benelux Commanders' most prominent miners. I told him that I wanted to go mining at Tauereks, but he mentioned that over the past months, we had strip mined the ring barren. This gave us all a new objective: We had to look for a new suitable location as to allow the Tauereks System to recover. Luckilly, we managed to find one inside the Hyades Sector RE-O b7-4 System.

Now, with a group of 3 miners (Myself, CMDR Just_Anna and CMDR Gamingjob), 1 fighter escort (CMDR Thundercookie) and 1 supply ship (CMDR AlaskanBas), we set out to investigate the area, and quickly realized we hit the jackpot. We began mining the asteroids inside the ring, and quickly loaded ourselves up. In the end, I recall that I was able to make 300 million credits from my harvests. Not as much as I needed, so I decided to linger about a bit more, and harvest some more... Ah yes, a day of profitable 'roids.

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