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Korz / 21 Jul 3305
Time for a vacation

I worked  couple of cargo runs but my heart just wasn't in it. I am glad it all went easy and no one tried to mess with me during the trip.

I arrive back at Ray Gateway and pack for my trip. I booked it a couple of weeks ago and will be heading out for 9 days of relaxation and letting someone else do the flying.

I arrive at the passenger terminal the next morning and am greeted happily by the ticket agent. He scans me in and I am off to the first class lounge to grab a drink. I pour the coffee and trim it out just how I want it. I sip and enjoy as I wait for my cruise to start boarding.

A nice slow cruise through the system and then jump over to Sol where we dock at Mars High and then check into my room.

Today I will head over to Earth to do some hiking along the east coast of North America. Tomorrow it is a nice dinner in Olympus Village on Mars. Then around the rest of the Sol system, out to see the Voyager probes and then to cruise for a few more days before jumping back to Diaguandri.

I need to settle down and refocus where I want to go and what I want to do. I have been moving so fast these past few weeks and jumping from one thing to another with no time in between. I need this time to decide what to do next, the next step in the evolution of me.

I had spent so much of my life doing just one thing, working for the FSS. It was everything to me, but becoming a commander has done so much to open up my point of view on the galaxy and to show me opportunities I never knew were open to someone like me.

I have to clear my mind before my focus will become clear. But it will happen, in time as I relax and open my mind to the possibilities of my reality.
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