Logbook entry

Yumasai / 21 Jul 3305
CMDR Yumasai's Captain's Log #9: Joining the Cutter Club

I returned from mining awhile ago, and decided to sell all my Void Opals for staggering profits, one time reaching 1,6 million profit per ton. Needless to say, I had enough money to finally purchase the big bulk trader I so desired. I decided to fly towards Dyson City inside the Paresa System, since I had good contacts there with Nova Imperium's Shipyard. They showed me several ships, but I decided to go for their most expensive and largest ship available: The Imperial Cutter. As I purchased it, I decided to name it "INV Portcutter", since well, it cuts through ports. (No, jokes aside, I just don't want pirates and the likes to instantly know that this is my cargo vessel).

After the purchase was complete, the shipyard master told me: "Welcome to the Cutter Club, Commander, She's registered under INV 75". I thanked the shipyard master, and decided to fly towards Cubeo, the HQ of Princess Aisling Duval, since now, I finally have the required cargo hold to reasonably quickly fetch the amount of merits I need to grab the prismatic shield generator I so desperately want on INV Hadrian's Fist. As I took off, the people on the sides took pictures, and we exchanged a final greeting before I departed: "Memento Mordanticus"

NOTE: Image says INV 77; It's INV 75 (See my fleet)
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