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Elysian-Wolf / 21 Jul 3305
Test Run

Took a run out to Coalsack and the Lupus nebulae to test my AspX's abilities before going into the deep. She performed admirably, though I do need to refit an AFMU and upgrade the Omega's fuel scoops. The timing isn't terrible, but I've always been impatient - thanks to Dan on that.

It was a profitable venture, my pockets are now almost as deep as all my assets combined. The goal is to finish my next expedition, certainly a much longer journey, before buying my next ship.

I have to thank the CMDR who instructed me on fine-tuning the galaxy map before route plotting, that has made exploration so much easier and much more profitable. Several waterworlds (one system had five), a handful of terraformables, and a beautiful ring world with multiple low-temp diamonds. Certainly can't complain.

Definitely worth the 2.5 days, and that with plenty of down time as I pored over some simple single-cellular and early plantlife/algae biological readings. What can I say, xenobiology has always fascinated me - the thought of what could be in thousands, millions of years; and the reflection of where we came from. So much potential... I get a kick out of looking back in the same way that I get excited looking forward.

Apart from those notorities, the journey was mostly uneventful. Coalsack is definitely less impressive, though with more interesting exploration data around it, than the Lupus region. Though both are just blots of inky black floating adrift in our galaxy...

I wanted to get home before the clock struck midnight, out of respect for the Apollo 11 anniversary. But turns out I played too long with the off-board camera suite - did get some good shots in, though:

But enough photo spam, last note is that I brought home a treat: a dozen tons of fresh Lavian Brandy, hopefully now the Armada will let me follow on something other than skirting pirates after some rare, drifting painting... I am -not- combat capable, and intend on taking my sweet time learning. That said, eventually I'd like to visit Sol and our homeworld. But for some reason, non-natives are required by the Feds to reach a certain level in the Navy before gaining permit access to our ancestry... Just... why? I mean, if I'm registered with the Pilot's Federation, then why should I have to serve just to visit relatives? It makes no sense. Still, that path would certainly be quicker than anything else I could try... so, early follow-on missions it is.

I think I'll take a bit to do some shopping while the Omega gets refitted and upgraded, as well as visit some contacts and an old friend. I held onto a couple bottles, and gifts are always nice to share - especially if it's good times and reminiscing with him. I suppose I'll shower first then hit up some place to eat a fresh meal...
It's good to be home.

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CMDR Elysian-Wolf
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21 Jul 3305
Test Run
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