Logbook entry

Aisling D. / 21 Jul 3305
Princess Aisling Duval visits Port Isabelle

A few weeks since Garrett Kline's group Autonomy freed 4000 Imperial slaves, I had to visit it by myself and as Patron of Unchain, a charity fighting for freedom of slaves we had to do something.
I requested permission to enter and activated my FSD for this few jumps to Denton's homesystem. I dont come her often, since we broke up a few years ago and after that our relationship was not
great. We arrived at Eotienses and headed to the only habitable planet there, also the home of Patreus, the Admiral of the imperial fleet. I requested docking permission at Adams Market and landed
my ship on the pad. A lot of reporters was there, making pictures of me and asking questions. After a few hours later we arrived at Port Isabelle, the capital of Patreus homeworld.

The town was not in the best condition. The last weeks must be hard and slaves and citizens tried her best to survive this situation. I headed to the office of the major to talk with him about this situation.
Our plan was to "purchase" the 4000 former slaves, and let them build up a HQ for Unchain in port Isabelle and after this they would be free without any debts. He agreed with this plan and so I went to
a press conference to tell the world about this.

"I’m well aware of the irony of an anti-slavery organisation hiring Imperial slaves. We do this only to prevent further suffering at Port Isabelle and undo some of the damage caused by Autonomy. Allow me to specify that this is a practical solution to a problem of the Empire’s own making.”

“The indentured servitude system may seem honourable, but – as recent events prove – it leaves people vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Unchain remains dedicated to replacing the barbaric practice of slavery with more civilised welfare and employment programmes.”

After this we answered some questions and I got back to my Cutter on Adams Market, because I wanted to leave this world so fast as I can. The possibility to meet my ex friend there was really high and I dont know
how we both reacted if we meet there. So I started and headed back to Cemiess to have some rest and let my Cutter get some maintenance.

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