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Theubie / 22 Jul 3305
We all gotta start somewhere

Look, I know I'm old.  I also know I've wasted my life drifting as aimlessly through the stars as a broken probe.  

Well, that stops today.  

I've recently found a renewed focus, and these old bones still have some good years left in them.

So where does this all lead?  Hell if I know.  But I do know where it all began.

I had dinked around from station to station in Federation space for a couple of years, gathering debt and space rot without any real clue of what I should be doing with the rest of my short life.  Never married.  No family.  Probably less friends.  Basically just drifting from mission to mission.  Having no real desire for anything, I hadn't really been spending away the credits I was making.  Found myself with a very small pile of them.

I looked around at options, and realized that I basically had been living life like a trucker from Sol back in the 20th century.  Might as well embrace that hand that had been delt to me.  Bought a Type-7 and stripped out everything that I didn't need, and a couple of things I did to squeeze as much cargo space in as I could get.  Talked to that Farseer gal about squeezing a few more lightyear out of a really suspect looking FSD and off I went.  

I looked for freight that was going for cheap in one system, and going crazy good in another.  A tail as old as time, but damn if capitalism doesn't still work out here in the black.  I soon found myself in possession of enough credits to jump to something different for a while.  I had heard about this new gold rush.  Void opals they call 'em.  Erie damn things if you ask me.  You ever see one?  Damn thing's so black is feels like it's pulling in all the light around it.   You look at one long enough, you'd swear the thing is gonna suck your soul in too.  

Doesn't matter much, though.  I let the limpets and the refiner take care of it.  All I see is my bank balance going up when I dump them off at port.

So, that's where I find myself now.   I'm looking at more credits than I know what to do with, and damned if I don't have the bug to go find somethin' no one's ever seen before.

Guess it's time to check the shipyard and pick out something that looks like it'll take me out into the deep black.

We'll see how that goes.
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