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Bhikku / 22 Jul 3305
Crew Member Diary #3

(From the journal of Macy Juarez.)

I've had a lazy week. The Commander was mostly flying missions with Opal, and that was before she hopped into her exploration ship, the Voidhawk. She was gone for five days, and returned in good health, looking rather refreshed. From what I understand, deep space exploration has always been her true love. This time she visited several nebulae and took a long, difficult trip to the lower edge of the galaxy. According to her, most jumps there had to be done using FSD injections and were usually over 106 ly in range. Personally, I'm not a super fan of being isolated out there, in the middle of the Void. Obviously I'm not afraid of space, but when all the systems you visit are previously unexplored, maybe even all the stars you see... If anything goes wrong, there is no one to help you. I'll prefer staying in or near the Bubble, thank you very much.

I haven't been completely idle with my free time. I used some of my savings and have been flying rented ships on Mandarin. The canyons there are amazing, and while this doesn't count as practice per se, it's always good to be more familiar with your ship. I don't expect to get into any dogfights in canyons anytime soon, however. It's mostly just for fun and the thrill of skimming cliff walls.

Opal joined me on the trip down to Mandarin one day, and we had fun flying together. We raced the 70 km canyon from one end to another, and although I lost, I wasn't that far behind. We had a short combat practice session, too, but after we both scraped the canyon walls a few too many times, we decided it wasn't worth the extra repair costs. After all, we see a lot of combat while on duty with the Commander.

So yesterday Bhikku returned from her big trip, and barely said hello before setting off again. She obviously has something planned. Opal flew a short anti-piracy mission with her, and said they discussed some new plans for the fighter load-outs. I'm curious to hear all the details when the Commander gets back. Maybe she is willing to give the Taipan another chance? Who knows.

Looking forward to getting back on duty. This is Macy Juarez, fighter crew for Commander Marquis Bhikku, signing off.
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22 Jul 3305
Crew Member Diary #3
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